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Labor Law

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The study on the working conditions and labour practices in Toyota Kirloskar in India is part of the network research on Transnational Corporation Monitoring in Asia. Since 2002 the Asian Transnational Corporation (ATNC) Monitoring Network has been operational to build up a regional network through which labour organisations in different Asian countries can pursue concrete solidarity actions to improve working conditions of workers employed in transnational corporations (TNC). Against this backdrop, it is aimed to have a closer look at the labour management and forms of employment in automobile and electronics sectors invested by Asian TNCs in Asia. As part of this endeavour, the Centre for Education and Communication (CEC), New Delhi collaborated with the network research coordinated by Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC), Hong Kong to observe the labour practices of Asian TNCs invested in India. In the first phase the network research focused on the movement of capital and its impact on labour by engaging desk research on foreign direct investment (FDI) flows and related aspects. In the current phase, emphasis is on specific cases of labour practices and labour conditions in selected ATNCs. 1.1 Methodology The present study is situated in the wider context of the dichotomy between labour and capital. The changes of production organisation and resultant labour practices and labour unrest at the micro level are seen as responses to macro level ramifications of trade patterns and subsequent policy level rearrangement in the nation states. The case of Toyota Kirloskar is studied in this framework at large. This ATNC Monitoring Network 273

is network research in which all network partners follow similar...

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