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Labor Practices Paper

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Labor Practices Paper
Dante C. Dumas
Sept. 29, 2015
John Noel

Labor Practices Paper
In many countries across this world, people are being used and regularly mistreated in warehouses and buildings called "sweatshops." A sweatshop is an atmosphere where people work for very little or sometimes no money, making and manufacturing products for large companies. Along with the hazardous conditions, people who work in sweatshops are often mistreated by the people who run them. Women and children are among the workers of sweatshops and are often mentally, physically and sexually abused. This is what is considered to be modern day slavery to the extreme.
In the United States, a "sweatshop" is said to be a factory that violates two or more labor laws, yet American companies still utilize these shops in order to make the substantial profit. In many countries where poverty is high, there are over 150 million young children who work in sweatshops. Most of the population of sweatshop workers is located in Asia and the Pacific region of the world.
As consumer demands are raised for products, the more likely the use of sweatshops are put into play. When a company like Nike is expecting to sell a shoe that is in high in demand like the Jordan retro shoe, greed kicks in because these shoes cost two hundred dollars. If a thousand shoes get made per day in a sweatshop by one hundred workers, the profit is huge. You would pay out about two dollars per day to workers plus shipping, The profit from that would be over 190 thousand dollars that are a good business move, but the ethics of using a sweatshop is putting the company at risk.
The ethical issues usually slip under the rug when the public is not paying attention. This usually happens because when people live in poverty for so long, they do not care or mostly do not know of the ethical issues. People who work in...

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