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Lack Of Gender Identity Discrimination In The United States

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There are many people who are getting discriminated because who they are. After all, people who have gender identity come from all different lifestyles. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. They can range from all ages and backgrounds. In light of who they are, gender identity is a person’s perception of having a particular gender, which may or may not correspond with their birth sex and can also be know as part of the LGBT community. Many people are discriminated against because of their gender identity when it doesn’t always agree with thier with their birth sex. Gender identity discrimination has a long history of misunderstandings. There are many issues in this country discriminating against people with gender identity. There are anti-LGBT people creating violence towards LGBT community, employment discrimination, and restroom issues. Until the 1950’s anything to do with anyone who was LGBT was considered objectionable (“National”). This continues to be a problem because people are still not accepting and were discriminating against LGBT because people with gender identity were out of the norm. …show more content…
[of being] lockup, … losing jobs [and] losing custody of their children” (“APA”). Furthermore, the government has called Gender identity a disorder; while the “American Psychiatric Association’ removed homosexuality as an illness” in 1973 (“APA”). Due to this, it has caused a lot of conflict with people who have gender identity. As a result, there would be people gathering groups together such as LGBT; those groups are fighting against the government and spreading awareness. In other words, people would discriminate someone who was different, until groups of people stepped into

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