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Ladder 49

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Ladder 49
Prepared for Comparative Religion
By Alice Jahneke
December 11, 2014

Ladder 49 is a fictional film written by Lewis Colick, directed by Jay Russell, and produced by Casey Silver. Ladder 49 was released in 2004 and grossed a little over $22.1 million. This is a story about the heroic Baltimore City firefighter, Jack Morrison. Jack is trapped by a blazing, four alarm fire, inside the belly of a 20 story grain warehouse. While waiting for his brothers from Ladder Company 49 to come to his rescue, Jack struggles to remain conscious. His life plays like a movie, as flashbacks take him back to his first days with the department, up until the present day. This movie is action packet, and full of emotion as it celebrates the firefighter profession and their lifestyle. As the movie opens, Jack Morrison (played by Joaquin Phoenix) is saving a man from a massive four alarm fire, atop a 20-story concrete grain warehouse. Just as Jack gets the man to the safety of his fellow firefighters, the grain that is being stored explodes. Jack gets caught in the explosion, and winds up several floors down with a broken leg. The rest of the movie follows the endeavors of the other firefighters in Ladder Company 49, led by their commander, Deputy Chief Mike Kennedy (played by John Travolta) as they try to rescue Jack. Interspersed with rescue efforts, we see Jack experiencing flashbacks of his life. How he joined the fire department, the first time he met the woman that was to become his wife, his distant but loving relationship with his children, and the relationships he formed and the trials and tribulations he went through with his fellow firefighters. Jack's fellow firefighters had been determined to rescue him from the explosion, while Jack tries his hardest to get to the only safe area that Mike is able to tell him about. Unfortunately, upon reaching...

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