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Lae1 a Dog Is a Man's Best Friend

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Are you ever in need of a good listener? Are you ever in need of a protector or do you just want a new responsibility to make you happy? Might I suggest to you a pet, not just any pet, but a dog! A dog is a man’s best friend, a commonly used quote that is quiet accurate. I would adopt a dog because they are good companions, good protectors, a good responsibility to take on and they help you to be active. Dogs are good companions because they are very sensitive to human emotions and can brighten your mood when you are having a bad day. A dog is very good at making your surroundings come alive when you feel lonely, by just looking at you and wagging its tail in expression of love and affection for its owner and human companion. Dogs are excellent listeners and good secret keepers. So if you are ever alone and don’t have anyone to talk to, don’t worry your little furry friend will never be too busy to listen. I don’t think there is any other pet that is more loyal than a dog. Have you ever noticed how closely a dog walks with his master? I strongly believe that dogs are excellent pets for everyone to have in general but more specifically for challenged individuals. Which other pet is like a dog that can be trained to be of service to challenged individuals? These trained dogs are good companions who can complete various tasks for their owners as well as they can help them to find specific locations, due to their excellent sense of direction. Dogs, whether trained or not can add tremendous value to the lives of many people, I have no doubt that the right dog can do the same for you.
I think dogs are good protectors. In our world today security is very important in any household. We have often seen dogs in detective movies helping to track criminals or protecting something of value to an individual; but have you ever thought about a dog protecting your household? Dogs...

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