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This report analyzes Banking industry taking into perspective the growth of the Indian economy and the sustainability of this industry in the present scenario. The report also contains an assessment based on Porters analysis, PEST analysis, covering the relevant political, economic, social and technological factors that have implications for the development of the bank. Additionally, it evaluates the industry within the Michael Porter framework. The report goes on to describe the competitive landscape and provides a comparative financial study of the major players in the industry. It also captures the important trends and key issues and provides an outlook on the bank.


Porters model is, applied microeconomic principles to business strategy and analyzed the strategic requirements of industrial sectors, not just specific companies. The five forces are competitive factors which determine industry competition and include: suppliers, rivalry within an industry, substitute products, customers or buyers, and new entrants. Porters 5 forces model is shown in figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1 Porters 5 forces model

Although the strength of each force can vary from industry to industry, the forces, when considered together, determine long-term profitability within the specific…...

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