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Title: Density of Unknown Objects: Tray #17
Purpose: To obtain the densities of each unknown object, which will help identify what kind of metal, liquid, or miscellaneous object it is.
Discussion of Theory: Density is an intensive physical property which means it is not affected by the extensive property of an object such as the size, shape, and, or color of the object. Each object or substance has its own specific set of physical properties which helps with the identification of the object or substance.
Materials: Tray #17, Unknown metal #84 and #338, Unknown liquid #17, Unknown mineral #21, Unknown misc #80
Equipment: 500:5 ML beaker, 10 ML beaker, Centi-Scale, Caliper, funnel
Observations: Metal #84; Description: small, grey, rough, no smell, lite weight.

Metal #338; Description: Long, lite weight, silver, smooth, odorless.

Liquid #17; Description: clear, thick, syrupy, odorless.

Mineral #21; Description: Rough, slightly heavy, dark black, rigid, odorless.

Misc #80; Description: smooth, clear, rectangular, odorless.
Procedure: (attached)
Calculations/Data: (attached)
Conclusions: TRAY #17
Unknown # Density Identification
Metal 84 3.06 g/ml Silicon
Metal 338 2.67 g/ml Aluminum
Liquid 17 1.21 g/ml 1,2,3 – propanetriol
Mineral 21 2.80 g/ml Schist
Misc 80 0.014 g/ml Polyurethane

Sources of error: I could have splashed out some water when placing objects in beaker to measure.
I could have missed measured with the caliper
I could have missed calculated the densities due to wrong measurement of mass and volume of the object.
The densities were very close with…...