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Organ Donation

How do you feel when you have to wait for something you really want? In our day to day life we don’t know how the day could go. Losing loved ones is very hard for everyone; especially when there was a chance that they could have been saved. Today’s technology has allowed as that, when one life ends we can give another person a second chance to live by donating our organs. Many people have organ failure and waiting to get a transplant. Unfortunately many of ill people die due the lack of sufficient organ donors. For many reasons and false myths people don’t want to donate their organs. The debate has continued whether people should donate their organs or not after they are dead. The need is constantly growing. People should donate their organs for three reasons. First, donating organ is a social responsibility. There are thousands of people that are waiting to receive organ and many of them die waiting to have a donor. Organ donation helps these patients who might not survive their illness. Once we die our organ is not necessary to us, but if we donate it to someone in need, they will survive their illness and have a second chance to live. For example, someone who has a heart failure can survive, if he gets a matching heart from someone who is dead. Donating organ could help that person get to his normal life. There are far more in need of organ transplant than there are people willing to donate their organ. Donating organ makes a lot of sense no matter what, because one life is already over and there is nothing to lose. Second, Donating organ is very easy. Most donations made after the donor died so the donor won’t lose anything. In fact it will help the donors’ family to cope with their loss to know that someone is alive because of the organ donated. Plus to that there will be no cost on the donor or the donors’...

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