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The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama

By Tenzin Gyatso , The Fourteeth Dalai Lama of Tibet

Published by Harper Collins , 1990

How would this person define leadership

Although he never sets out to explicitly discuss a definition of leadership , we are quite able to see his point of view by considering the two places in the text where the Dalai Lama specifically praises a person as a good leader . The first of these is his own sister . In the course of his discussion of the many difficulties managing the

groups of destitute refugees who had fled into India , her contribution was invaluable . As an explanation of why , he tells us that , She had an enormous capacity for hard work . This , coupled with her rather fierce nature , made her an excellent leader ' By itself , this does not quite bring out the focus of his compliment but that focus is made somewhat more clear when he tells us , a few pages later , about Mr Luthi , a worker with the Swiss Red Cross . He was , a man of tremendous zeal and energy , a real leader , who drove the people under him extremely hard

For the Dalai Lama , then , there seem to be two elements to leadership one is the ability to bring a tremendous amount of effort to the task in question , and the second is an ability to get a similar effort out of the people you are leading . At first glance , this appears to be somewhat at odds with this holy man 's compassionate , peaceful nature However , such an appearance is mitigated when we consider the numerous places throughout the book where we see that he holds himself to exactly the same rigorous standard . A particularly good example of this is when his observation of the struggles of his people made his responsibility fully tangible , even given his relative youth . One thing my journey down had convinced me of was...

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