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Land and Property Rights of Women in Bangladesh

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LAND AND PROPERTY RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN BANGLADESH Secure rights to land and property for women are widely regarded as fundamental to ensuring effective and sustainable human development. Rights to land and property include the right to own, use, access, control, transfer, exclude, inherit and otherwise make decisions about land and related resources. Secure rights to land are rights that are clearly defined, long-term, enforceable, appropriately transferable, and legally and socially legitimate.

The Present Position Of Property Rights Of Bangladeshi Women
Hindu: The property rights of the Hindu women are highly fragmented on the basis of several factors. Hindu women inherits equal land rights but most of the family do not follow the rule.
Rights of tribal women: It is also pertinent to mention here that as far as property rights of the tribal women are concerned, they continue to be ruled by even more archaic system of customary law under which they totally lack rights of succession or partition. Infact the tribal women do not even have any right in agricultural lands.
Muslim women’s property rights: Bangladeshi Muslims broadly belong to two schools of thought in Islamic Law.In Islamic law women get only half of their father’s property.
Christian women’s property rights: The Bangladeshi Christian widow’s right is not an exclusive right and gets curtailed as the other heirs step.
Parsi women’s right to property: Basically, a Parsi widow and all her children, both sons and daughters, irrespective of their marital status, get equal shares in the property of the intestate while each parent, both father and mother, get half of the share of each child.

Barriers to women’s land rights * Both cultural and legal * Laws prevent women from acquiring land rights through markets, marriage,…...

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