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Land of the Cyclops


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Narrator: Then we sailed on with aching hearts after the hardest fought war with the Trojans. We may have been victorious but the wrath of the gods, who sailed with the Trojans, kept us from sailing home safely. We lost a lot of people from the war but we also suffered just as much with the perilous journey we have been through. Form the recent land of the Lotus-eaters we now face another adversary, Polyphemus, a son of Poseidon, the sea god from the land of the Cyclopes.
S1: Finally! We’ve reached a land.
S2: Yeah, it’s really tough being on the sea for a long time. (Looks around) I wonder what kind of place of this?
Traveller: Oh, this is certainly rare... are you travellers by any chance? I’m guessing you’re lost.
S4: Well, not really, but... yeah we’re kind of lost.
Traveller: Hmmm... Don’t get the wrong idea, but this is a place you wouldn’t want to be in.
S2: *confused* Huh? What do you mean?
Traveller: *clears throat* This is the land of the Cyclopes. They are rude, lawless giants who follow no god. They are their own laws; I heard they themselves don’t get along well with each other, how much more with you?
S1: Haha... well at least they don’t eat men, right?
S2: Definitely! *laughs*
Traveller: *smiles* They do.
Traveller: If I were you, I’d go and leave this place as soon as possible. I just really needed to get something here *shows bag* otherwise I wouldn’t have even considered going here. It’s safe around the coast but any further would be insanity. Many have already died. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Now if you may, I would be going now.
S2: Alright, pleased to make your acquaintance. (pause)
S4: Now what?
S5: Let’s go back. Didn’t you hear what he said?
S4: Uhmm... I guess you made a point. I don’t really wanna venture either... it gives me some kind of...
S5: (interrupts) Shivers?
S4: Yeah, that.
S5: I knew it. It’s really eerie here. Not my type of atmosphere. Let’s go!
Odysseus: (walks in) My men! How is the land? I’ve difficulty anchoring the ship so I was a bit late.
S2: Not the best land, Odysseus. We better leave.
Odysseus: Why? This place looks nice.
S1: It’s dangerous around here. Do you know of the Cyclopes?
Odysseus: Yes, rude, lawless giants? I wouldn’t go near them.
S1: Exactly the point!
Odysseus: Now, now, this is quite the problem. We’ve ran out of supplies and it’s definitely suicide if we sail without provisions.
S5: Then, what do you suggest we do?
Odysseus: I’ve met a traveller on my way here; I asked for direction and told me that there is someone living on there (points)... Let’s see if he would take pity and help us.
S2: It’s not like we have a choice.
S4: Let’s go!
Odysseus: (enters) I wasn’t informed a Cyclops was living here.
S5: This is surely not a place a normal people could live in.
S1: I suggest let’s take some cheese and get out of here. I don’t really like the place.
S3: I agree, who knows what he’ll do when he finds out we’re here?
Odysseus: No. We’ll stay here till he comes. I want to see him. I’m hoping he would offer some gifts. Let’s stay put for a while.
Narrator: And so we waited. After for some time at last he came. He is huge. He is hideous and as tall as a mountain. Fear covered our hearts and we were deeply frightened by a being we saw for the first time. He is as terrifying as a god.
S1: Here he comes!
S4: I might not be ready for this.
S5: Same goes for me.
Narrator: Kindling a fire here, made burnt offerings... noticed us
Cyclops: Strangers, who are you? Are you travellers? Or pirates bringing ill to strangers? Which one are you?
S5: We are from Troy.
S1: Achaeans.
Odysseus: Due to some circumstances we came here to this land looking for shelter. Under the name of the god, Zeus, avenger of the suppliant and the stranger, we ask for hospitality. Cyclops: Ha! Gods? A god dare order me? Cyclops is stronger than the gods. Who is he to order me around?
S3: We did not mean to offend you.
Cyclops: You come from faraway place, suddenly pop here, and then demand something from me? That’s going too far! (eats S3)
Odysseus: Hide!
S1: How cruel can this get?
S4: I’m scared; I want to get out of here!
S5: We’re trapped! We have no escape, after the Cyclops went in, he closed the boulder, and we definitely can’t get out.
S1: Keep quiet! Do you want to be next?
Odysseus: Shhhhh!
Cyclops: I suddenly feel tired, I should go to sleep and take some rest.
Narrator: We were struck with fear, with a monstrous creature as big as a mountain in front of us, with no way out from this hell. We thought only at our families we have left behind. They will definitely lose a father, a lover, a son.
S1: Look at him now's our chance.
S4: Yes, revenge for my friend!
Odysseus: I know how it feels but we have to be patient.
S5: He's correct; we still have that boulder to worry about. S4: Alright, then what do we do?
S1: Odysseus, do you know a way out of this?
S2: I know you do.
Odysseus: Come near me, quietly. I'll explain
Narrator: They carefully planned about their vengeance… (continues with actions) (eats s5)
Odysseus: Here, Cyclops, drink some wine after your meal. If there is anything we Achaeans are proud of, it’s our wine.
Cyclops: (drinks) This is certainly different. Give me some more and straightway tell your name.
Odysseus: Noman, all of my friends, father, and mother call me that.
Cyclops: I shall give you a gift. You will be the last one I would eat among your friends, be grateful! Hahaha!
(Cyclops takes rest)
S1: That wine should put him into sleep.
Odysseus: (walks in) Now is the time, go!
S2/S5/S4/S1: Stab him! (Hides)
Cyclops: My eyes!!! Help me!!! Aaaarggggh! Help! Somebody!
Cyclops 2/Cyclops 3: What happened!??
Cyclops: Noman is murdering me by craft!
Cyclops 3: If no man harms you, and you are alone, then keep quiet and let us sleep! (The next morning)
Cyclops: How awful at this misfortune that has bestowed upon me, to lose my only eye? What am I supposed to do? Oh wait, my flocks? Ah yes, I have to let them out.
S1: Odysseus, what do we do?
Odysseus: I have a plan to get us out of here.
S1: What?
S4: Don’t tell me we’re going to hide under those sheep?
Odysseus: Exactly… under the sheep with two other sheep besides it
S2: What? That’s just…
Odysseus: Do you want to live?
S2: Uhhh, yes
Odysseus: Then start tying yourselves under the bellies of those sheep ………………………..
Odysseus: Go!
Cyclops: Ahhh! Curse those friends. I can't see and I don't know who they are… oh, wait... Hah! You think you can fool me? You’re here! Hmmm... Wrong one... here! Okay next… here! Hmmm! I guess I’m imagining things. *
Narrator: Ha! He may be big but our brain is certainly bigger than his! Look at him! He is pitiful! I’m saddened by the loss of our comrades but I can’t contain the happiness brought by the fact the we got away.
S2: *laughs* How stupid!
S4: God! I did't think it would go this well..
S2: Hahaha! Me too!
S1: Well, it’s either he's dumb or we're just plain genius! Haha!
Odysseus: You mean me?
S1/S2/S4: Uhhh, well let's go!
S1: Go! Go! Go!
Odysseus: Polyphemus! When someone asks you! Tell that it is I, Odysseus, king of Ithaca, pierced your eye!
S1/S2/S4/Odysseus: laughs

(Cyclops throws the rock)

* END -

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