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Landfill Leachate Essay

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Landfill Leachate Sampling and Analysis
Landfill leachate was collected from Jhiri dumpsite, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India at regular intervals for the study. Presently, the corporation dumps waste generated by the city’s household at an 11 acre area in Jhiri village (23˚24’ N and 85˚15’ E). The landfill is in operation for last 15 years and it is an open one with no liners and no provision for leachate collection and storage. Leachate gets collected at the bottom of landfill in low lying areas of dumpsite. Prior landfill leachate collection for the experiments, plastic bags and other solid waste was removed from the surface layer of leachate. Landfill leachate was collected and stored in a HDPE container under cold conditions until use.
Experimental Scheme
The experimental scheme in this study is as mentioned:
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→ Fe3+ + OH-
Also, Fe3+ ions formed can consume H2O2 to generate Fe2+ and hydroperoxyl radicals (HO2.). Therefore, higher Fe2+ concentration has got less significance for the oxidation reaction as this becomes detrimental to COD removal (Loures et al. 2013). Figure 5: Effect of Fe2+ concentration on COD removal during pre-treatment of landfill leachate by Fenton oxidation.
Effect of different strength of landfill leachate on treatment by Fenton process
Strength of landfill leachate was varied to increase the efficiency of Fenton oxidation, this was done to assess the influence of dilution, for instance, if landfill leachate are co-treated with municipal wastewater. COD concentration was varied by diluting landfill leachate with tap water. Fig.6 shows that COD removal efficiency increased from 94% to 98% when landfill leachate was diluted 30 times. Therefore, after diluting the landfill leachate efficiency of COD removal by Fenton process increased by 4%. Maximum COD removal was achieved at 30 times initial dilution of leachate which gave an initial COD of 240 mg/L and final COD after treatment was reduced to 4.5

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