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1. What are landforms? Natural features of a land surface (dirt and rock on Earth).

2. Name North Carolina’s three regions and describe each of their landforms.
The Coastal Plains, the Piedmont, the Mountains
The Coastal Plains are low, flat land
The Piedmont is high, and flat
The mountains are high and rolling hills

3. Name the 2 parts of the Coastal Plain.
Wetlands and Outer Banks

4. What ocean is east of North Carolina? Atlantic Ocean

5. What is a plateau? Flat, raised land

6. Which region is a wide plateau? The Piedmont

7. What is a Fall Line? Where is it located? The boundary line where Coastal Plains meets Peidmont, located in Coastal Plains

8. Where are the mountains of NC located? West

9. Name the two mountain regions that can be found in NC. Blue Ridge Mountains and The Great Smoky Mountains

10. Name 3 reasons people enjoy the rivers and lakes of NC. Swimming, boating, fishing

11. Where is the source of many NC Rivers? River Basin

12. Where do most NC Rivers empty? Sounds or oceans

13. Name North Carolina’s best know river. Cape Fear River

14. What is a tributary?A river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake

15. Where is Phelps Lake located? High Rock Lake? Fontana Lake? Phelps Lake is in the Coastal Plains, High Rock Lake is in the Piedmont, Fontana Lake is in the Mountains.

16. Name the two types of lakes and describe how they are different.Phelps Lake and High Rock Lake, they are in different regions of North Carolina.

17. What is a natural resource? something you use from nature

18. Name 3 natural resources. soil, water, rocks

19. Where are most of North Carolina’s minerals and rocks found? Western North Carolina

20. Why are forests important to NC? Trees from the forest clean the air, people use the trees to make paper.

21. Where are North Carolina’s largest forests found? The Mountains

22. Define urban. Urban is a city

23. Where are most of North Carolina’s urban regions found? The Piedmont

24. Name the largest city in the Coastal Plain. Piedmont and Mountain region. Coastal Plain is Fayetteville, Piedmont is Charlotte, Mountain is Ashville

25. What is an industry. A place that makes products

26. Name an important industry of the coastal plain, mountain, and piedmont region. Coastal Plains is seafood, Mountains is forestry, Piedmont is textile industry.

27. What is tourism? Where is it located? Tourism is the selling of goods and services to travelers, located in the Mountains.

28. What does farming include? raising animals and crops

29. What is one of the largest apple growing states? North Carolina

30. Which region is known for growing apples? The Mountains

31. Name 2 recreational activities for each region of NC. Coastal Plains is surfing and boating, Piedmont is sports and attractions, The mountains is hiking and rock climbing.

32. When did the Europeans come to NC. Late 1500’s

33. Where did the Europeans first settle? Why? Coastal Plains, because they wanted to build homes and grow crops.

34. What physical feature made travel difficult from the Coastal Plain in Piedmont? The wetlands such as the swamp

35. How has the climate of NC changed over time? It has got hotter causing ice to melt and ocean level to drop showing more land. 36. What is the highest dam east of the Rocky Mountains? Fontana Dam 37. How has North Carolina’s land been modified over the past few years? Dig wells for water, dig mines to reach minerals, improved transportation. 38. Why is water important to the people of North Carolina? People use water to drink, grow crops and power. 39. Define migration. Movement of people from one place to another. 40. Define elevation. The height above sea level. 41. Which region of NC has the highest elevation? The lowest? The highest is the Mountains, the lowest is Coastal Plains. 42. Why was the mountain region of NC the last to be settled in? people did not know how to build around the mountains.


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