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Language Analysis
“A word from our coach…” is an article published by the Club News, which written by Sam. In the article, the writer’s contention is mainly about to argues with that some parents now don’t behave appropriately during the games, they care more about the win and lose between two teams instead of the sportsmanship of the game. Writer uses some persuasive techniques like inclusive language, generalisation and rhetorical questions to emphasize his contention. At the bottom of the article, a visual image also been used to support his view.
Reading through the whole article, many inclusive phrases are used by the writer, which can invite the readers to follow and join the way of writer’s thinking. “We all remember that Olympic runner…that was truly heroic!” In this phrase, a famous example of sportsmanship is used here, but by using the phrase “we all remember” is for reminding the audience of this example and link to the contention of that, sportsmanship in the game is more than win and lose. “We don’t want a repetition if this stuff around here”, before this phrase, a negative example has been shown, so using the inclusive language “we all…” writer put himself stand with the readers to criticise the unappropriated behaviours of parents during the game. By using these exclusive language, writer can lead the audience to think with him effectively and agree more with that the sportsmanship in a game is more important.
In the middle of the article, a rhetorical question sentence is also been used to convince the reader that young people would learn more sportsmanship by accepting the losing. “Isn’t good sportsmanship a model of life?” By using this rhetorical question, writer tries to manipulate the reader to agree with the idea that sportsmanship is more important. For this question, the answer is obvious, so it can position the reader to the writer...

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