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Unforeseen Man Exploration of the Cosmos
Tired of the horrors and glad it was over political leaders breathed a sigh of relief when World War II ended in 1946. Unforeseen though at that time was the beginning of a new war, the cold war. When American officials were notified of the launching of sputnik I, the world again held its breath. The human exploration of space has been debated across the globe since that renowned moment. Space exploration, many argue, is diverting attention and funds from the matters at hand. Yet, is not it obvious that these "issues" are not important? I say there are no issues to consider in making decisions about space exploration. Human greed and desire should be put in the forefront on all our decisions.
First of all, the human race must expand. We must fill out every corner of our galaxies to grace it our presence. Mclean in her article is foolish (source E). Stewardship? What does it matter if the Earth crumbles? Our Earth has given us nothing but problems. It is home to annoying creatures who are not human, who display to us their vibrant and loud colors, making us jealous. It is home to giant mountain ranges that spite our hopes of being majestic a beautiful. Mclean warns us of exploitation, but what does it matter? All that matters is that we live. Even if the earth dies, space exploration shall allow us to fill our galaxies with only humans, the greatest utopian society of all.
Greenberg (Source F) also brings in another invalid point. “Back contamination" is an atrocious problem, but who can object to "forward contamination"? Manifest destiny calls for humans to spread out in the Universe. If these alien ecosystems cannot survive due to our meddling, then it is natural selection at work. We, as humans, are the fittest, and therefore have the right to destroy everything else.
In source A, David Livingston evokes the economic importance of space exploration. The money spent on space research employs millions of people. Take source B for example (photo) and imagine how long and how many people it took to build that. Money poured into NASA, the billions and billions of dollars is only good for mankind. Other departments that take government funding are not nearly successful. The NIH (source D) is one of these. The five year survival rate for childhood rose to only 80 percent! It’s a complete failure. It should have raised it to 100 percent. Apparently diverting funds from health for space exploration is a sound decision. In fact, we should spend billions more on space exploration because the health of our people is much less important than the expansion of our people.
Space exploration should not be a debate and it isn’t a debate any longer. The answer has already been made clear. Human greed and desire into the forefront of the cosmos must be and it will be, as that is where we belong and will live for the coming years.

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