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1. What is laptop?
2. History of laptop
3. How work laptop?
4. Advantages of laptop instead of desktop
2. CHIP LEVEL SERVICE [Motherboard]
5. Difference between laptop and desktop
6. How to buy a laptop?
7. Operating System review &laptop uses & laptop booting process
8. Guide to purchase of second hand laptop


 Screw Driver Kit
 Laptop Casing Opener
 Nose Pliers
 Cutter
 Electric Screw Driver
 Tweezer
 Anti Static Wrist Band
 PCB Cleaning Brush & etc
 Micro Soldering Iron
 Tip Soldering Iron
 Hot Air Blower
 Magnifying Lenz with Lamp
 Liquid Flux
 Dry Flux & etc
 1.Anolog Mutimeter
 Digittal Mutimeter
 Battery Booster
 Universal AC adapter
 Debug card
 SATA to USB convertor
 IDE to USB convertor
 External Monitor
 External DVD Drive
 Usb Keyboard / Mouse&etc



 Laptop bag
 LCD Screen Card
 LCD Cleaner & etc
 BGA Rework Machine
 Reballing Kits
 Infrared IC Heater
 PCB Scanner
 Oscilloscope [CRO]
 SMD IC Extractor
 PTH Desoldering Machine
 RCL Meter
1. components of laptop -Bottom Case &Top Case
Outside Components/ Inside Components / laptop Inner View
2.Hard Disk,
4.Wi-fi Cards
6.Floppy Disk,
7.DVD/CDR Drive,
9.Exaust Fan
11.Heat Sink
12.Adapter & Adapter Connector
14.LCD screen
3. Internal Keyboard review /inner view /key board Manufacturing Companies
4. Key board connectors removing method/Broken Keyboard Connector finding method. 5. Keyboard connector and lock removing method & key board keys rearranging method. External keyboard -2.TOUCHPAD review /touchpad trouble shootings
1. What is ram?
2. Ram working function


3. Types of ram SRAM [STATIC RAM]& DRAM[ DYNAMIC RAM]/types of dynamic ram.
Laptops ram slot review 1. SODIMM [Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module]
2. Micro DIMM [Micro Dual Inline Memory Module]
4. RAM comparison of ddr 1 /ddr2 & ddr3.
5. Ddr1 & ddr2 RAM BUS SPEED list.
6. Current ddr3 memory speed list.
7. Ddr 1 rams pin details.
8. Ram working voltage list
9. Ram manufacturing companies.
10. Types of hard disk.
1. IDE Hard disk
2. SATA Hard disk
3. External Hard disk
11. Capacity of internal hard disk
12. SATA to USB convertor & IDE to USB convertor
13. Hard disk inside components & its function.
14. Hard disk inside parts view & hard disk maintenance guide.
1. What is pcmcia card?
2. Types of pcmcia card – card
2.silver card
3. Variety of Pcmcia Card
1. Wireless Card
2.Usb Card [Single/Double/Four]
3.Network Card
4.Tv Tuner Card
5.Combo Card
6.Dvd to Mpeg Card
7. Pcmcia to Serial Port
8.Card Reader
9.Sound Card
11.Pcmcia to IEEE 1394 Fire Wire Adapter
4. Pcmcia LAN card logic board [inside view] pcmcia tray & pcmcia adapter
5. PCMCIA card troubleshooting.
6.optical drive :internal drive (laptop inside using this drives) & external drive (externally using this drives
1. cd rom r/w
3.dvd rom
4.compo drive
5.dvd r/w
6.hd dvd r/w



7.blu - ray drive./ various type of dvd drive interfaces . External cd rom & other devices: external blu ray drive/notebook slim cd to desktop ide cd converter./cd/dvd writing software/dvd viewing software’s
7. SPEAKER: internal speakers & external speaker
8. WI FI CARDS review: WI fi card parts /How to Connect the Wi-Fi to Internet?
9. Varios types of web camera.
Soldering Practice:. Motherboard smt components removing and refixing method
1. What is ac adapter?
2. How to ac adapter works?
3. Types of adapter
a. Direct Adapter
b. Universal Adapter Car
c. Air Adapter
4. Laptop adapter voltages & laptop Latest Models, Voltage list
5. Universal adapter &its types
6. Various models of ac adapter connector
7. External battery adapter car & air adapter
8. Adapter polarity identification
9. Adapter opening method
10. Adapter board components:
1. SM Transformer
2. Bridge Rectifier Diode
3. NTC [Negative Temperature Coefficient]
4. Fuse
5. Oscillator IC
6. Opto Couple r
7. Switching Mosfet
8. Electrolytic capacitor.
9. Ac adapter functional block diagram & adapter circuit view.
10. What is battery?
11. Types of battery
1. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad)
2. Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni MH)
3. Li Ion Battery/how works battery?
12. Battery Cells Connectivity Method
13. Laptop Battery inside View
14. External battery
15. What is usage of battery booster?
16. Laptop battery inside circuit.
17. How to increase battery life?
18. PRACTICAL: adapter voltage testing method


Day17 adapter fuse and capacitor removing & refixing adapter diode and Mosfet removing & fixing
4.battery voltage testing method.
1. What Is Laptop Motherboard?
2. Laptop Motherboard Functional Block Diagram & Its Function
3. Acer Laptop Motherboard Functional Block Diagram
4. Acer Aspire 5720 Motherboard Front View & Acer Aspire 5720 Motherboard Back View
5. Motherboard Brands List.
1. Compaq Motherboard
2.Hp Motherboard
3.Acer Motherboard
4.Dell Motherboard
5.Ibm Lenova Motherboard
6.Sony Motherboard
7.Toshibha Motherboard
8.Apple Motherboard
9.Fujitsu Motherboard
10.Samsung Motherboard.
6. Types of motherboard
a. Single Board Based Motherboard
b. Daughter Board Based Motherboard
7. How to dismantling a motherboard safely? Tips.
8. Bus Architecture of motherboard what is bus? & types of bus:
1.Address Bus
2.Data Bus
3.Control Bus
9. Some Various Types of Laptop Functional Block Diagram
1.Laptop Motherboard Passive Components Identification & Testing Method
2. Laptop Motherboard Active Components Identification & Testing Method
3. Laptop Motherboard Section Identification.
Laptop Motherboard Sections And Components Identification
1. Important Sections of Motherboard:
A. Main Power B.Battery Power
2. CPU Power Section
A.Cpu Voltage Regulator Module [VRM] B.Temperature Control
3. Graphics Processor Unit [Gpu] Section
4.Chipset Section
A. North Bridge B.South Bridge
5. Bios &Cmos Section
6.Memory Section [Ram]
7.Input&Output [Io] Section
8.Clock Section
9.Keyboard Control&Pcmcia Section
10. Audio Section
11.Laptop Display Section [Lcd-Tft]
12. Laptop Motherboard IC’s List:


1.step down or system main power IC.
2. Cpu core power [VRM] ic n
3.cpu thermal control ic speed controller ic
5.operational amplifier [op-amp]
13. Battery charge &discharge control IC
1.pci card power ic
2.mosfet gate driver ic
3. io controller ic
4.bios ic.& etc.
14. Ic’s Manufacture Name: Power IC:
3.Intersil [Isl]
4.Adp &etc
15. Motherboard components identification
16. Soldering Practice 1.Motherboard Smt Components Removing and Refixing MethodResistors/Capacitors/Inductors/Smd Fuse & Crystal Oscillator/Diode/Transistor/Mosfet & Ic’s.
1.How to Disassemble Hp Pavilion & Remove The Motherboard
Laptop Disassembling & Assembling Practical.
1. Types of power section:
1. system main power [step down]
2.Battery power [charge and discharge]
2. Power Section Components:
1.System main power supply IC or step down regulator controller IC
2.N & P channel Mosfet [8 leg]
3.DC power Jack.
4. Battery charge/discharge control
5.Power diode.
6. Power resistors
7.Polarity capacitors [tantalum or solid aluminum]
8.Fuse [1.5 Amps] or Fusible resistor
9.Operational amplifier [Op-Amp] Ic
10.Power inductor.
3. How to Work System Main Power or Step Down Regulator Section?
4. Functional Block Diagram of Step down Regulator Section
5.Types Of Step Down Ic :
1.Dual Output Step Down IC
2.Triple Output Step Down IC
3.Quad Output Step Down IC
4.Multi Output Step Down IC
6. Step Down IC Supply Voltage list For Motherboard Circuit
7. Component Identification of Power Section
8. Functional Block Diagram of Battery Control Section
9. Laptop power working mode:
1.adapter power mode
2.battery power mode



10. Power rails description
11. Some power section ics no list
12. System main power IC max1630, max1631, max1632, max1633, max1634, max1635datasheet/
13. System main power IC tps51120- datasheet
14. Battery control icmax8731a- datasheet
15. power section Mosfet review
16. System main power IC removing & refixing method
17. Battery control ic removing & refixing method
18. Dc power connector removing & refixing method
19. Mosfet removing &refixing method.
Laptop Processor
1. Laptop processor introduction
2. What is a processor?
3. Processor architecture & front side bus (fsb)
4. What are the latest processors? & Intel Laptop Processors review
5. Processor manufacturing company
6. Types of processor family
7. Amd family processors & block diagram of amd processor
8. Laptop processor socket [old]
1.screw type socket
2.zif socket.
9. Latest laptop processor socket & supported processors: socket m supported Intel processors: 1.Intel Celeron M,
2.Core 2 Duo Mobile,
3.Core Duo
4.Core Solo
5.Pentium Dual-Core Mobile
10. SOCKET G1 & G2 [SOCKET 988 &989]supported Intel processors.
11. Socket s1 supported amd processors
12. Latest laptop processor clock speed list
13. Processor core technology what is dual core? What is quad core? What is multi core?
14. How to remove the CPU?
15. How to reduce CPU temperature?
16. Laptop cpu cooling fan and its checking method & Various types of laptop processor heat sinks . cpu power section or voltage regulator module [vrm]
1. How work cpu voltage regulator module [vrm]?
2. Cpu power section – functional block diagram
3. What are some of the switching regulator topologies?
4. Cpu power section components
1.Cpu Core Power Ic
2.N.Channel Mosfet
3.Tantalum Capacitor




5.Switching Diode
5. Component identification CPU power section
6. Some laptop motherboard CPU power section
7. Some CPU power supply IC’s list
8. Cpu power section soldering practical
1. Cpu core power ic removing & refixing method
2. N – channel Mosfet [3 leg & 8 leg] removing & refixing method.
1. Complete laptop disassembling & assembling practical with how to disassemble Sony vaio
Series laptop visual.
2. How to down load the datasheet for laptop motherboard IC’s.
1.Acer laptop motherboard working function and its cold checking [fault finding] method Video Classes
1. Laptop motherboard & GPU block diagram
2. Laptop graphics card type’s
1.inbuilt graphics adapter
2.slot or socket type graphics card
3.pcmcia graphics card.
3. Graphics card manufacture
2.nvidia gma [graphics media Accelerator]
4. What is graphics card?
5. How to dry solder the gpu?
6. Laptop gpu safety tips
7. Chipset north bridge & south bridge
8. Laptop motherboard diagram with chipset
9. Northbridge & Southbridge architecture
10. Chipset bus connectivity
11. Chipset manufacturing companies: Intel, via, nvidia , ati ,sis,amd
12. How to find the chipset defeat or not?
13. Lab practice
1.laptop gpu [graphics chips] dry solder method
2. Laptop Northbridge chipset dry solder method
3. Laptop Southbridge chipset dry solder method.
1. How bios work?
2. Bios IC identification for laptop motherboard
3. Bios settings & bios booting process
4. Configuring for phoenix bios
5. Bios soft ware manufacturing companies
6. Phoenix bios set up, award bios set up, dell laptop bios set up, compaq Presario laptop bios set up & Acer laptop phoenix bios set up
7. Updating your bios & why updating bios software
8. Different type of bios IC & its pin configurations
9. Most bios setup utilities.



10. Some common bios error message
1. Phoenix bios error codes
2.bios error codes [directly tell the error]
3.bios error codes.
11. Cmos battery location for motherboard & different types of cmos battery also known as rtc battery.
12. Cmos battery related problems.
13. How to reset & remove a bios or cmos password?
1. by removing cmos battery using software using backdoor bios password
14. Bios manufacturing website and how to create bootable cd using nuro
1. Ami bios text error message
2.award bios text error message
3.phoenix bios text error message.
1. IO section
1. I/O or Super I/O IC in Laptop Motherboard
2. Laptop motherboard block diagram for IO section
3. I/O Functional Diagram & locating I/O chip for motherboard
4. Laptop Io IC –it8510te review laptop Io chip-it8510te block diagram
5. IO chip It8750te Datasheet & Some I/O - Ic Brands
2. Clock Section
1. What Is Clock? And it’s Function
2. Clock Chip Identification for Sony laptop motherboard
3. How Work Clock IC?
4. Clock Generator Internal Diagram
5. Clock Speed Measurement
6. Clock Chip Ics954204 Datasheet & Laptop Clock Ic Brands
3. Keyboard Control IC
1. Keyboard IC Identification for Laptop Motherboard
2. Keyboard IC Functional Block Diagram
3. Keyboard Control IC -87541v Datasheet
4. Audio Section
1. Audio Section Parts
2. Audio Chip Identification for Laptop Motherboard
3. Audio Board Failure Symptoms and Troubleshooting Tips.
4. Audio Board for Laptop Motherboard Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop Motherboard Audio
Section 5.Stac 9228 Audio Codec Pin Diagram
6. Audio IC Ad1981b Datasheet
7. Pcmcia Ic: Functional Block Diagram of Pci1420 Ic & Pcmcia Ic Datasheet
8. Lan IC: Laptop LAN Card Board &LAN IC Rtl8100 Datasheet.
1. Types Of Display:
1. Lcd (Liquid Crystal Display
2. Tft (Thin Film Transistor Technology)
2. LCD with Motherboard&LCD Connector Detail



3. How LCD Display Works?
4. Display Layers and it explain.
5. LCD Back Light [Ccfl] With Inverter Circuit
6. How Is the LCD in a Laptop Computer So Bright?
7. Inner Parts View of Display
8.Structure Of TFT-LCD & Display Inner Layout
9. Comparison of Display 4:3 Standard Displays
10. Notebook LCD Monitor Comparison (Pixel Table)
11. Draw Backs of LCD Screen
12. How to Make TFT-LCD?
13.7 layers of TFT screen & it’s Explain
14. CCFL Lamp or Back Light Lamp
15. Various types of Ccfl Inverter
16. Laptop LCD Back Light Inverter & Its Parts Identification
17. LCD Parts Review
1.External Display
2.Lcd Hinge
18. Some LCD Back Light Control Ic’s List.
19. How to Replace Broken Screen on Sony Vaio Laptop
20. HCL Laptop LCD Dismantle and its parts identification images
21. Laptop LCD screen complete removing & refix practical live with repairing technique.
1. CPU related Problem & its salvation
2. GPU Problem [Video Processor] & its salvation
3. NVIDIA GPU Dry Soldering Method: Most Common Problem Symptoms
4. Laptop Over Heat Problem & its salvation
5. Laptop Power Adapter Testing Method & its problem
6 .Laptop Battery Problem & its solution
7. Keyboard Related Problem
8. Network Port Failure
9. USB Ports Failure.
10. Wireless (Wi-Fi) Card Failure
11. Flash Memory Card Reader Failure
12. Internal CD&DVD Drive Failure
13. Audio Related Problem
14. Laptop CPU & GPU Cooling Fan Related Problem
15. How to Find Laptop Motherboard Failure Symptoms?
16. Hard Disk Failure Reason & its solution
17. Laptop Motherboard Problem & its solution
18. Web Camera Not Working
19. Laptop Display Are Damaged
20. Laptop LCD Screen Related Problems and etc...
1. Battery Problems Adapter Problems
2. Keyboard Problems &Touch pad Pointers Not Working.
3. Sound Not Working & Mic Not Working
4. USB Not Working & Power Connector Not Working
5. PCMCIA Card Not Working & Ethernet Port Not Working


6. Mouse (Internal) Not Working
7. Docking Station Not Working
8. on/Off Switch Problems
9. CD/DVD Related Problems a] Eject Problems b] Wont Eject c] Every 10 Mts Automatically Eject d] Lens Not reading
10. Over Heat problems & Lock Problems.
11. Backup Related Problems & Warranty related Problems.
12. Data Recovery problems.
13. Hinge problems & Broken Problems
14. Handling problems & Up gradation problems
15. Inner Noise problems
16.RAM Related Problems & Hard Disk Related Problems .
1. Charging Problems
2. CMOS Related Problems:
1.CMOS battery Problem
2.CMOS Checksum Problems
3.Hard disk not detect Problem
4. Date & Time Not Set
5.CMOS Setting Not Save Problems
6.Clock IC Problems
3. Bios Error Codes
1.Direct Error Display
2.Code No. display
3.Password Related Problems
4. Processor Related Problem
5. External VGA Not Working
6. Motherboard Related Problems:
1.Clock IC Problems
3.IO problems
4.Fuse Problems
5.Power IC
6.Terodile Coil, Capacitor, Fuse problems
7. Projector Connectivity Problems & Bluetooth Not Working
8. Wireless (Wi-Fi) Not Working
9. Power on-Immediately Processor Fan Off
10. LCD Related Problems:
1.No Display-Light Ok
2.Intermediate Display
3.No Display-No Light
4.Scrambled Display
5.Black & White Display
6.LCD Changing Problem
7.Loose Contact Problem

8.Dull Display
11. OS Related Problems
12. Water Damage & Hanging Problems
13. Connector & jack Related Problems
14. CHIP Level Problems ,Virus Problem, Restarting Problems & Laptop Full Dead problem.

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...Table of Content I. Company’s History and Growth 1 II. Strengths and Weaknesses within the Company 1 III. Company’s External Environment 1 IV. Analysis of Strength, Weaknesses and External Environment 1 V. Business Level Strategy 1 VI. Analyze Implementations 1 VII. Recommendations 1 I. Company’s History and Growth Through the years Dell went from producing PC’s to software, hardware, workstations, electronics, printers, tablets, mobile devices networking, storage devices, servers, security products and other electronic devices and information technology systems but it all started with just building computer systems. Dell doesn’t just sell products to personal consumers, Dell also targets government, healthcare, education and small and large corporations. Michael Dell founded Dell Company; hence the name of the company derived from his family name but the company wasn’t known as Dell back in 1984 when it was founded. In 1984 the company was known as PC’s Limited which designs, manufactures and sells technologies that has a dedicated founder who left his university to commit his time and effort for the company. What separated Dell from other firms in the industry in 1985 is their unmatched service for their customers in their first PC, “Turbo PC” (Dell 2012). Dell provided a “risk-free returns and next-day-at-home product assistance” (Dell 2012). From that Dell continued to grow by providing what was back then the PC with the......

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Cia Assignment for Company A and Company B and splits his time between both with his laptop. Bob physically works from both offices and needs to access resources on the Active Directory domain of each company. Unfortunately, no trust relationship exists between these two domains. The IT staff has developed three possible solutions and they want your input (as an Information Security Analyst) on which is the most ‘secure’. Solution 1. Set Bob up with a network account under each active directory domain: have him log in to whichever one he needs access to at the time. Although he may be physically working from Company A, he will likely still need to access resources from Company B and vice versa. Solution 2. Create a local profile on Bob’s laptop and have him manually map to the resources he needs access to and set his passwords to never expire on both domains. Solution 3. Because Company A and Company B are both bound by internal and industry regulations regarding maximum password age, a third (hybrid) solution was developed. This involves Bob working from a local profile (as seen in solution 2) but having to log into each domain once per password cycle to change his passwords before expiration. In this scenario, the best solution that allows a greater amount of availability and a relatively higher level of security would be solution 3. Granted that Bob would follow other protocols and secure his laptop at all times, this solution will allow him to access to his files readily......

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Introducing Xo Computers to Colombia

...children aged between 5-19 years old (average of one school-aged child per household) in these areas. About 39% of the population in the coffee-growing region (made up of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío regions) did not finish primary school and/or secondary school. So, we believe that there is a large market that would be interested in our product. The price will be set at $250, which we believe is a reasonable price. Based on the average income of a Colombian worker, we believe that our product will be well received in the Colombian coffee regions. We believe that the adults will want to invest in their child’s future, as well as buying a well-made piece of technology for an inexpensive price.   Table of Contents Introduction 4 Part 1: Market Audit and Competitive Market Analysis The Product 5 The Market 7 Part 2: Preliminary Marketing Plan Marketing Objectives 9 Product Adaptation or Modification 11 Promotion Mix 13 Channels of Distribution 16 Price Determination 18 Appendix 20 References 21 Introduction The purpose of this marketing plan is to reach out to children who work on the coffee farms. These children are...

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Principles of Marketing

...the following evidence and information about: - How the strategy is based on the principles of marketing. - How sources of primary and secondary marketing information will be used in relation to the product. - An analysis of how the impact of the external environment will affect the marketing decisions of the product to be launched. - An analysis of the marketing context and decision on an appropriate strategy. - A developed coherent mix of strategies to meet consumer needs. - An evaluation of the reliability of the different marketing models used. I have chosen to base this marketing strategy on a new laptop. I have decided to launch a new laptop (The PowerBook 4000), which will feature a computer chip for wireless networking and longer battery life. The company developing this new laptop will be Apple Macintosh and it will be a revolutionized development of the PowerBook G4. The Principles of Marketing Marketing is the process of learning about your customers and competitors, so that you can provide the right products at the right price in the right place, promoted in the right way to achieve your business’s objectives. Therefore, in order for Apple’s marketing strategies to be successful, its market knowledge must consist of the following elements: - To understand customer needs. - To understand and keep ahead of competition. - To communicate effectively with its customers to......

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Marketing Plan

...Five-Years Marketing Plan Table of Content Executive Summary……………………………………………………………………3-4 Company Product Description……………………………………………………….5 Strategic Plan and Focus……………………………………………………………..…6 Situation Analysis…………………………………………………………………………..7 Product-Market Focus…………………………………………………………………….8 Marketing Program…………………………….…………………………………………9 Financial Data and Projections……………………………………………………….10-11 Implementation Plan………………………………………………………………………..12 Evaluation and Control…………………………………………………………………….13 Bibliography…………………………………………………………………………………….14 Executive Summary If you still think that hacking webcams is only possible on movies, you are in for a big surprise. Unfortunately, many people still don’t believe that their web cams can be hacked. Hacking web cams is not a big deal now a day. Eexperts say that the technology is readily available for hackers to seize control of home computers, including webcams. And while such cases are rare, law enforcement officials have arrested people in cases that involved webcam hacking. How do hackers control your computer? It usually happens when you click on a file, link or pop-up window created by a hacker and without realizing you could install malicious software on your hard drives. That opens the door for hackers to control your computer. All of these began a few years ago with well-known China cyber-spy......

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...risk. The software can be suspicious, especially if the user downloaded it from the Internet. the software in question could lead to incoming viruses and worms that can affect our network. This can create holes in the security that has been set up. Configuration settings can lead a user to let in viruses and worms also. If the remote user does know how to set up their configuration settings on their machines than anything that they send or receive can be a potential risk, threat, and vulnerability to our network. Once an employee takes their laptop home they are no longer protected by the organizations firewalls. This can expose their laptops to risks, threats, and malware. Once the employee returns the organizations place of work whatever they have on their laptops can bypass the organizations firewalls and expose the organizations network to the same risks, threats, and malware that the laptops have. This could lead to the laptop having a virus from an email that has a Trojan horse that was in a HTML file. If...

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