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How good is the battery life? Is this a high-definition display? If I need a bigger hard drive, which brands carry that capacity? Is a keyboard enough, or should I splurge for the touchpad/keyboard combo? Do you have any that aren’t this heavy? These are all question I heard from consumers who were looking to buy a new laptop. Laptops have become a necessity to many these days. With a technological world that is rapidly expanding, desktops have become out-of-date, and consumers are demanding laptops with grand capabilities fit into a small package. The vast amount of options out there give consumers a variety of options to choose from. Consumers demand different qualities from their laptop whether it is processing, durability, battery life, display, and a variety of other options. This paper will discuss the present displays being used in stores to promote the products, what consumers voice in terms of what they want in a laptop, and primarily what brands can do to further help their sales. For this specific paper, I will be looking at Dell as the targeted brand. Dell was once the dominant presence is the computer industry, but their market share is diminishing constantly. My goal in this research is to determine what Dell is doing wrong if anything, and what they can do with their brand and products to regain their lost market share. The first store I stopped out to see their laptop display was Best Buy. Best Buy is one of the leading electronic stores in the nation, and is on the market as one of the top retailers that consumers shop at for electronics. The clerks there are tech savvy, and are helpful in answering any questions consumers may have as they are highly educated on their wide range of products. The computer center was located at the back of the store. The first thing I saw when walking towards it was a huge Windows display. The display was well lit...

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