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Music Essay

The Beatles' changed our world by introducing a new musical style and sense of creativity in popular culture in the 1960s.This band formed by four youngh men, John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals) started their carrer playing in small places such us The Cavern , now known as a legendary place in the city. They started to become influences by other bands famous at that moment in the UK, but what they didn’t realized is that in so short time they will become the band that influence other groups not only in their own country , but all over the world. Their first step to their success begun with the song “Love me do”. Their music reflected the rebellion of the youth of the 1960's against the governments and leaders and the type of thinking that had divided the world into two world wars. The titles and lyrics of their songs reflected the desire for change and for peace in the world. They through that the reason why everybody liked their music and lyrics was because it articulated the needs and frustrations of the youth and became an integral part of a new cultural movement.
They were so sucessful, that in order to get noticed, other bands felt that they needed to fashion their music after to the sound of the Beatles. The clothes they wore influenced everybody. Bell bottoms were in, and people started cutting their hair in the same style. It was fashionable to take after the Beatles. In this way the beatlemania started, they consumed almost everything that had their name on it , they were on the top of their carrer. On the other hand we can also say that the beatles were aa big influence on the new subculture known as hippie, their ideas were rebellious against the Vietnam War,they wanted to send a message of peace to the masses. This influence quickly caught on and the transition of the Beatles to a more psychedelic style influenced the drug culture of America's young people.
The TV also recived influence of the beatles is the case of the animated serie with their faces or the aparison on the tv programes of that moment that dedicated enterely on them. Nowadays thy apeared in the famous serie the simpsons that revive the characters of the famous group and gives the life again.
Actually bands that have the same style end melody are called Beatlesque,some of the most known ones are The Monkees, Oasis, Snow Patrol, Travis, and the like.

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