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Executive Summary will be a premier social networking/dating website with a unique approach when bringing together people with similar interests; it will be designed for single people who are their last in their social circle to get married and for the recently single or divorced who have a circle of married friends.
By combining the latest internet and cell phone technologies and by changing the format of what is offered by popular social networking/dating websites, it will provide its members with features such as access to members’ video profiles, instant smart phone notifications when a match is found as well as the capability to post and see video postings from other members. will also innovate the industry by providing its members with the ability to interact with their potential matches prior to their first meeting either by instant messaging, chat or video chat via its exclusively designed smart phone application.
The social networking/dating industry has become increasingly popular and has grown tremendously due to demand by people wanting to find companionship. That has happened because the dating world over the years has changed drastically since the days of face to face meetings or friends playing matchmakers.
With the new age of technology in radio programs, cable television and the world wide web (Internet) this new evolution has trickled down to how to meet and connect with each other socially not only locally but also, all over the world. Many people of all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and professions have turned to social networking/dating websites to meet potential partners, friends and even future employers. will be part of an extremely competitive industry. Amongst its leaders are,, and With its unique...

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