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Last summer I was going to see a movie with my friend. As we were walking a mother approached my friend and explained to him that she didn’t have enough money to feed her children. She explained her living situation and that she was receiving money from the government but they recently decreased the amount of money she was receiving and it has been hard to make ends meet. My friend took the three children and their mother into McDonalds and ordered them all enough food to hold them over for a while. Then he handed the oldest child and the mother $20 each. He also gave the mother contact information to speak with his friend who is a social worker and could possibly help her. We stood and spoke with the family for a little bit before continuing on to where we were going. Later that night we spoke more about the family and I personally was amazed by his actions. We live in NY and we see beggars all the time. Sometimes people are asking for money for reasons other than what they are actually saying. This makes us skeptical when actually giving money to strangers. Not only did he buy the family food but he gave them money as well. Despite the children being involved some people would have kept walking and not even stop to hear the mother’s story. This stuck with me because I am passionate about helping others and seeing children on the street like that broke my heart. I was curious to see how he would respond and he did above and beyond as a stranger for this family. He works hard for his money and he spent it on strangers that he felt crossed his path for a reason. This has definitely had a long term impact on me because it shows me that empathy still exists.

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