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Last Time My Mother Overdosed

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The last time my mom overdosed was the last time I was with her. I still remember this day like it was yesterday. It was almost the worst day in my life. My day started out just how any other day would. I woke up and got me and my little sister breakfast. Then I went to see what my mother was doing. I couldn’t find her at all I looked all over. I went in to her room. She was asleep and I couldn’t get her awake, which then wasn’t a big deal because she was hard to wake up. But then a couple hours later I tried to wake her up. She wouldn’t wake up. I was shaking her and slapping her hand. I had my twin sister try to wake her up. She couldn’t get her up. Then I called my great grandma, she came right there. She only lived a mile down the road. When she arrived she went in and tried to wake her up. She had no luck. So then my great grandma started crying. She then called my grandma she came as soon as she could which was like ten minutes. When she got there she went right to my mom’s room. She was furious. She knew what was going on. My mother had overdosed. She had been over dosing for awhile now. My grandma tried to wake her up she couldn’t. She called the town cop chief, she told him what was going on and he came and he brought the ambulance. When the chief got he sat down with my grandma on the front porch and talked to her about the situation and how long she had been overdosing. Meanwhile the emt’s were prepping my mother to take her to the hospital. I was holding my little sister as she was crying. She had no idea what was happening. I had to tell her everything was going to be okay, but I didn’t even know that. I was scared she had passed away. They took her out to the ambulance, then to the hospital. My great grandma went home. Then she went to the hospital to be with my mother. After my mother went to the hospital my grandma called my aunt and she came to talk to us and we went to stay the week end with her. My twin and I were told we would stay with my grandma for the remainder of the school year and then we would live with my aunt and go to school where she lived. This situation has affected me in many ways. The main effects were emotional and physiological. I had a lot of anger management problems and trust issues. I also have abandonment issues. I have PTSD and I take anti-depressants. I also had nightmares and problems sleeping so I was on medicine to help me sleep. I was being counseled for the situations my mother had put me through. I have problems trusting many people. Due to that I don’t talk to a lot of people. I have calmed down but when people mad me I wouldn’t think twice of physically harming them or trying. Now I know better and wouldn’t fight any one for just anything. I have found different ways to take my frustration. Now I lift and just walk away. I am currently in McKean county foster care. I have been there for five years. I will be with them until I am 21. So as you can see it has been a long bumpy road but I have adapted and adjusted to the problems I have faced. I still remember the last time my mother overdose while I was in her care. It was the worst day I have ever had.

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