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Latino's and the American Dream

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A Dream Under Attack

Since the birth of America, immigrants have come to the United States in pursuit of freedom and prosperity. These new residents believe that, through hard work and perseverance, they can achieve better for themselves and their families. Today, the same idea continues to influence the minds of millions of Latino immigrants. Latinos come to the U.S for the same reasons many other ethnic groups have come here. They are in search of jobs, stability, safety, education, and an opportunity for their children to succeed. However, the task of getting to the U.S is not easy. In order to gain entrance to the U.S, one must apply for a Visa, which may take years to receive. For many Latinos, waiting around could mean the difference between life and death due to the hardships they face in their home countries. This has created wide spread controversy and debate in the U.S. Many believe that letting Latinos into the country will the American culture and argue that Hispanics will take over North America, never really assimilating to its culture. However, they are blind in seeing the good that Latinos bring to the U.S. Nonetheless, in spite of these attacks Latinos face, they continue to immigrate to this country both legally and illegally. Like many other different ethnic groups before them, they just want to be given their chance at achieving the American dream. Like the word “American”, which would identify a person born in the U.S, the words “Latino” and “Hispanic” are used to identify Spanish-speaking immigrants, more specifically to groups coming from Latin America. The only difference is the preference in which the Latin American immigrant wants to be known as. Being a Latino or Hispanic immigrant is challenging due to some of the barriers you will encounter, like language and stereotypes labels. Hispanics are...

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