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Launching a Business Internationally

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Introduction The three countries considered for this international business plan are; Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Brazil. Each country has a different economic system, political system, and management style for doing business with respect to the culture and traditions of the country. Each country can be a real consideration for expanding your business in if the research is done by the business desiring to expand. If the research is not done properly, then without a doubt your business plan to expand will not be productive. Each of these countries it is easy to cause a great enough offense to the host country that it will be virtually impossible to enter into this country and have an effective business. The business must have a market advantage to expand in any country. The host country must feel they have respect and the wellbeing of their country before they will allow a business to enter into their country. A good example of this is when McDonalds entered into China. McDonalds needed to make some serious changes to their menu for the culture in which they intended to setup their business and they had to give certain guarantee’s to China about labor, customs, courtesies, and business involvement for political issues (Thuermer, 1998). A similar business move was required when McDonald’s established their self in England. England required a large amount of the product be produced by England for the product used. This research will look at Brazil, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia for a proposed business plan for implementation, with respect to the culture and how they are different in each country. What type of management style will be used and why and an in depth look at each country’s economic system.

Understanding culture from a business standpoint The culture stand point in Brazil is a very strong influence Catholic, Portuguese, African, and...

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