Law and Social Change

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Law is defined as a system of regulations whose aim is to control individual behavior.[1] The regulations are formulated and imposed using social institutions. Legislature, executives, and the judiciary are the three bodies which are responsible for making laws. Legislature makes laws using legislation; executives use rules and decrees, while the judiciary uses binding precedent. Lawfully binding contacts such as arbitration agreements can also be made by private persons. The constitution, both written and unwritten plays a major role in the formulation of laws. The law plays a key responsibility in shaping economics, politics, as well as the society in different ways.[2] It also acts as a go-between of individuals’ relationships. Considering that law is connected with the political, economic, and societal worlds, it is regularly involved while pursuing social change. Social change is defined as the modifications in the manner in which individuals work, educate and oversee their children, raise their family, and search for life’s meaning.[3] In my opinion I agree to this statement that in considering the various applications and principles of justice, it can be said that the law, at its best, operates as an agent of change and, at its worst, serves as an instrument of coercion by social elites in society.

For several decades, the society and law philosophers have strived hard with the aim of explicating the association between law and social change. The attempts have been made in the milieu of developing legal institutions. In this case, law is perceived as a dependent and independent variable influencing a society. The mutual dependence of law and social systems in a society are also stressed by philosophers. Individuals’ moral attitudes as well as their sense…...