Law of War Assignment

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Law Of War Homework Assignment

1. The student Handout references indiscriminate attacks. What does the statement “Soldiers will not fire indiscriminately” mean to you? It means that soldiers will not just fire their weapons at random. They will fire when it is necessary. When Soldiers use discrimination, when firing their weapon, that prevents innocent people from being injured. Soldiers must distinguish between combatants and non-combatants.
2. In your own words, explain the following key terms for this lesson:
Hors de Combat: This means that you can’t attack someone who isn’t prepared to attack. Someone who is sick, injured, a prisoner of war, someone jumping from a plane, or medical personnel are people that aren’t prepared to respond to an attack.
Auxiliary Medical personnel: These personnel have special training to perform their medical duties when they come in contact with enemy forces.
Grave Breaches: These are severe violations of The Law of War and are equal to felonies in criminal law. Some examples would be – wrongful killing, torturing someone, causing great suffering to someone, or willfully depriving a POW for a fair trial.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the scenario below and answer the following questions.
Situation: The company commander orders your platoon to defend an area which includes a heavily populated village. Within the village is a five-story medical facility used to provide aid to noncombatants and civilians. In front of the hospital is a pool of vehicles properly marked as medical transports. The recon element reports of several historical monuments and museums in the area. To help facilitate the ease of troop movement, and to protect the civilian population, the commander orders the evacuation of the local population. The commander drafts an order notifying the mayor--“At 0600 tomorrow the evacuation will begin. If people…...