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Law Opinion
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State and Federal Court System

There are two kinds of courts within the United States; those courts are state and federal courts. The establishments of state and federal courts are local and state courts are established by the state. Federal courts are established by the U. S. Constitution. This established court decides arguments that involve the constitutional laws. State courts have a broaden jurisdiction, those cases are most likely to involve robberies, traffic violations and family disputes and those cases are normally held in state court.
The Constitution of the United States (U.S.) has established a system in which the federal government will have limited power and all remaining power will be the decision states. This is proof of powers being shared that defines an interaction among the federal and state courts (Fine). The U.S. judicial system composed multiple autonomous courts, an integrated system that is worked into various geographic units and levels of hierarchy. With that on mind every state will have a court system with systems of local courts that will abide within the state. According to (Fine) both federal and state court structures will have the U.S. Supreme Court as the final arbiter of federal law, as the highest court of every state is called the Supreme Court; and the Supreme Court will have the power to interpret the matters of the law of that state.
The criminal laws of the U.S. are a sound productivity of constitutional authority and legislative personnel put into effect. (2009) Those laws are affected by common law or case interpretation and regulatory decisions. The Constitution provides for formation of legislative bodies, which empowers to shape criminal laws and other laws as well. The United States Constitution creates its Congress and gives it the power to create laws for citizens to...

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Law Opinion Paper

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