Law and Consumer Rights

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Introducing law and consumer rights
In this task I will be investigating civil and criminal law and their courts of personnel. I will be determining which courts will deal with the cases and why, which legal personnel's will be involved with the case and why and also the role that each person will play in the proceedings and their responsibilities.
Explain the role of civil law – concerned, deals with what
Civil court the lowest court is civil structure county court
County court deals with what
Who is applicant, defendant
The roles and responsibilities
What track the case is on which track – fast, multi
Alternative methods

Case study 1:
Sam buys a second hand car from a local garage for £5000. Within a month the brakes fail. He takes the car back to the garage 3 times for a repair but the brakes are still not fixed and the garage shop refuses to refund him. Sam wants his money back.
The role of the Civil law helps and deals with disputes between 2 private parties of disputes which can cause harm to others. The lowest court of the Civil Court is the Civil Structure County Court. This case is one of many Civil Courts Cases and is left to the County Court for a solution. This Court will be the right one for dealing with this case as it is a widely used court which deals with civil. It is used for mainly tenant disputes, rent arrears, eviction disputes and consumer disputes such as faulty goods and services. This court deals and specializes with financial jurisdiction therefore because this case is about Sam claiming his £5000 back from the defendant this court is perfect for him and is also a fast track case because this claim does not exceed £25000. It is small claim because the case is under £50,000. The defendant has 14 days to respond. If he doesn’t reply in 14 days the judgement would take place and then Sam will win the case. The garage might say I…...

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..., associate editor, and reviewers. This research was supported in part by grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation to Grainne M. Fitzsimons and from grant R03MH65250 from ´ the National Institute of Mental Health to Tanya L. Chartrand. We would like to thank Jamie Kendall, Kwan-Kit Lui, and Sylvia Yu for their assistance with data collection and participants at the Sandage Symposium at the University of Illinois for helpful comments. Behavioral Priming in the Social Domain Research in social psychology has emphasized the important effects that can stem from the “priming” or situational activation of mental constructs, demonstrating that environmental cues, even subtly presented, can have powerful effects on behavior (Bargh, Chen, and Burrows 1996; Bargh et al. 2001). Although most behavioral priming research has focused on the direct activation of a mental construct via exposure to related words (e.g., priming participants with words related to rudeness leads them to behave rudely; Bargh et al. 1996), a burgeoning set of research has examined the effects of environmental cues encountered in John Deighton served as editor and Baba Shiv served as associate editor for this article. Electronically published March 4, 2008 21 2008 by JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH, Inc. ● Vol. 35 ● June 2008 All rights reserved. 0093-5301/2008/3501-0008$10.00. DOI: 10.1086/527269 22 everyday...

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