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Ups and Downs in the Life of Teddy:
Though Faced With Hardships, Many Achievements Were Made
Bobby Lee
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Ups and Downs in the Life of Teddy:
Though Faced With Hardships, Many Achievements Were Made When one looks at the life of Theodore Roosevelt, what explicit details can be gathered about him? Due to the multifaceted conglomeration of diversity that was Roosevelt’s extraordinary life, it can be quite hard to determine who exactly our 26th president was. Roosevelt took on many roles throughout his life. “Parachin” (2011) found, “America’s 26th President (1901-09) was a curious blend of cowboy, author, intellectual, environmentalist, outdoorsman, big game hunter, naturalist, peacemaker and war monger” (p. 13). These many roles would lead him on a very thought-provoking adventure through life. Out of all the things that Roosevelt was throughout his life, he was the embodiment of someone that fought for the things he wanted in life. One can see that this quote by Roosevelt sums up who he was perfectly: “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things” (Theodore Roosevelt Quotes, n.d.). Theodore Roosevelt was a strong believer in the “strenuous life”. Whether it be from his health, those around him, politics, or nature, Theodore Roosevelt dealt with many obstacles and challenges that would pose to be very arduous for him as he trotted his way through life. On the other hand, one must also look at Roosevelt’s successes and achievements. After a menial amount of time studying Roosevelt, anyone can appreciate the many things Roosevelt achieved throughout his life. Although Theodore Roosevelt’s life may have been filled with strife and difficulty, he welcomed the challenge. Theodore Roosevelt was the embodiment of a true patriot and would continue to prove that fact throughout his...

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