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City Mall Plc is a large entertainment and shopping complex. The company has recently encountered problems in their stores. You as their legal advisor, have been consulted on a range of issues. Draft a report to the board of directors explaining the law in each of the following situations and advise accordingly. Your Report should make reference to legal authority.
Discuss the following:
Chuck bought a new heater from City Mall Plc to heat his son’s bedroom. The heater was manufactured by Careless Plc. The heater wiring was defective and the defect caused a fire at chuck’s home, in the course of which, Chuck’s son was injured.
Advise City Mall of their potential liability as well as that of Careless Plc.
Kris, a salesman from City Mall, called on Dolly. She invited him into her house to enquire about the latest designer bathroom suite. After several cups of tea Kris showed no signs of leaving the premises and, in order to get rid of him, Dolly signed an agreement for a new bathroom suite for £1500. In addition to this, Tammy, her daughter, who is 21 years of age, returned from City Mall stating that she had signed a credit sell agreement for a new TV and Blu Ray DVD Recorder for her…...

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