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Lawrence Sports Simulation

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Lawrence Sports Simulation
Working capital management and the capital conversion cycle are keys to success in companies. According to Emery, Finnerty & Stowe (2007), this term is defined as “the management of working capital management of assets and liabilities.” Having an excellent working capital management policy can help the company to be more effective in improving profits and reducing risk most commonly associated with capital investment. Lawrence Sports is a manufacturer and distributor of sports equipment. Following will include an analysis of the issues this corporation is currently facing. A list of recommendations to the company along with an analysis of the cash conversion cycle, the working capital management policies and cash management techniques to reduce the risk associated with capital investment, trade of products in other countries and currency exchange impact will be evaluated.
Dependency Reduction Recommendation The Lawrence Sport simulation does emphasize the importance of all the business partners to the cash conversation cycle of the organization. For that reason, keeping a strong business bond between all partners is very much in need. Lawrence Sports has been having issues with cash flow because of late payments from vendors and sometimes a result of no payments. Lawrence Sports should work on improving its cash flow by establishing a system of regularity which can be done by adding competition on both sides of the transaction- the sales as well as the purchases. This will stop its dependency on one vendor. Mayo Stores stands as the only main sales vendor for Lawrence with 95 % of Lawrence production with payment terms of 20% on sales and 80% on the following weeks, which makes Mayo standing as Lawrence’s main cash flow. Lawrence Sports needs to open its production to different stores and retailers so its cash flow would not be...

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