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In many countries in the universe, laws are formulated to govern different activities. These laws are drawn from a wide range of sources, and they differ from one place to another. These laws define how individuals in a country relate to one another. Business is, however, governed by a different set of laws. This collection of laws gives different rights, sets out rules of engagement and provides a means through which oversight on trade and commerce can effectively be carried out. For a business to be carried out efficiently there are a various activities that need to be carried out, these include; recruitment of staff, marketing of products and selling goods and services, production, acquisition of raw materials and various activities involved in raising capital for business. All the above activities are complex and involve interactions at numerous levels with other individuals, businesses and the government. Laws to govern all this activities are hence very necessary as disputes may arise.

To build a workforce requires business to employ people. This employment is governed by labor laws. Among other things, these laws contain terms for remuneration, hours that an employee is to work; they also have rights of each employee and laws that take care of compensation. Labor laws also set out the terms and conditions for hiring employees from foreign countries. The law states that all foreign employees should be eligible for the job. They are also protected by all the other laws in relation to workplace discrimination as well as remuneration. ( Hurst, 2001).

To carry out a successful business, the goods or services have to be sold. This requires one to carry out effective marketing .There are laws that govern this activity, this is because marketing campaigns should not be misleading and must be within certain set laws. The regulations on marketing contain among other things, how products are to be labeled, how online marketing is to be carried out and how adverts targeting children should be done.

Every business has a different name or logo; business may also come up with terrific ideas or invent a new product. These needs to be protected, a set of laws known as intellectual property provide the framework for this security. It contains the process of acquiring a patent, a trademark and copyrights. The law also creates an option that allows employers to make employees to sign agreements non to disclose business secrets. (Klass, 2010).

In an effort to conserve the environment, there are laws that guide business. These laws are set to protect the environment. Agencies have been set up to ensure that businesses comply with environment protection initiatives, and any waste released into the environment is treated to avoid pollution. Employees in a business need to work in a safe environment. Regulations in the law have been set to make sure that employees work in a safe and healthy environment. The working environment should be free of anything that may result in death or physical harm. Factory employees should be provided with protective clothing; they should be educated on safety and a responsive, first aid mechanism be put in place in case of emergencies.

The financial aspect of the business also has very extensive laws guiding activities. These laws regulate activities like raising funds for the business. It protects investors from losing money invested in the company. It set out procedures for capital acquisition from other states. The law also governs the sale of goods and services. Contracts between different business entities are protected under this law. In the case that an organization or individual breaches a contract with the business, the business can go to court to seek compensation. Banking activities are also guided by provisions within this law. (Klass, 2010).

The law also has the appropriate channel to take in case one is to deal with any government agency. Here transactions between business and the government are regulated. These include; tax collection, inspection for compliance with safety and environmental requirements. The government also protects businesses against unfair competition. Organizations that hold important data on clients like in the insurance sector may also require help from the government to safeguard the information.

In conclusion, one can see that a large number of regulations govern business. The regulations on an environment serve to protect the environment being contaminated. To build a workforce one needs to employ people, this employment is governed by labor laws. Marketing is also an important aspect and is regulated by marketing laws. Every business has a different logo or name; the business may also have come up with unique ideas. These ideas are protected by the intellectual property, copyright and trademark laws. The financial aspect of the business also has very extensive laws guiding activities. These laws regulate activities like raising funds for the business and also protect investors. All in all, we are able to see every activity revolving around business are governed and protected by different laws.


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