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Interesting Facts About Laws of Thermodynamics

• Zeroth law: Although the concept of thermodynamic equilibrium is fundamental to thermodynamics, the need to state it explicitly as a law was not widely perceived until Fowler and Planck stated it in the 1930s, long after the first, second, and third law were already widely understood and recognized. Hence it was numbered the zeroth law. The importance of the zeroth law as a foundation to the earlier laws is that it defines temperature in a non-circular logistics without reference to entropy, its conjugate variable.

• First law is nothing but a connotation of Energy Conservation

• Second Law of Thermodynamics has been formulated differently by many scientists like Kelvin, Planck, Clausius and Caratheodory. But this law is the outcome of a very basic fact that Entropy of a spontaneous system always increases. Entropy is also defined qualitatively as Disorder of state. This is a common experienced fact that if let on its own, the disorder of a system always increases and work has to be done to bring it back in order.

• According to the second law the entropy of any isolated system, such as the entire universe, never decreases. If the entropy of the universe has a maximum upper bound then when this bound is reached the universe has no thermodynamic free energy to sustain motion or life, that is, the heat death is reached.

• The famous theory of evolution violates our Second Law of thermodynamics. Second law states that the entropy (disorder) of an isolated system always increases. Considering the Universe is an isolated system, various stages in Theory of evolution like Big Bang, or even our improvement in all respects since ever clearly goes against the law that disorder always increases. eg. Plants would have never evolved and started converting useless solar energy to useful form of energy (food)…...

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