Laying Out Arnold Palmer Hospital's New Facility

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1. Arnold Palmer Hospital created a plan for its new facility using different variables, layouts, drawings, simulations and a massive planning process. The variables that Arnold Palmer Hospital needs to consider for its layout design are as follows: Security is one of the components that the hospital needs to consider as of how to protect their patients (especially babies). while talking about patients as they are the first priority would need nursing anytime so nursing efficiency it is important for the nurses for not to spend time traveling around the facility. Also Meal and supply efficiencies is a factor to consider because the food have to be delivered warm and on time. Need to have much space for family members and visitors to come and stay with the patient. Privacy is a very important variable because this can give to the patients the serenity and peace they need. Location, x-ray, laboratories, management, pharmacy and much other factor like them must have a specific place in the layout and finally incorporate areas for medical and non-medical personnel.

2. The advantages of the circular pod design over the traditional linear hallway layout are that it is much easier for the nurses to see and reach each room, this means that the travel time for nurses will be minimized, but not only will save time, will give more medical efficiency for doctors and staff in general. In addition, the circular pod system can supply two rooms at the same time and this is something that the traditional linear hallway is limited.

3. The total distance traveled for a nurse (Thomas Smith) during the day. He makes 6 round trips to each of the 12 patient rooms, 20 to medical supply, 5 break room and 12 to linen supply, his total distance in feet will be : 6 trips x 2 (round trip) x 2 x(20+30+40+50+60+70) + 20 trips medical supply x 2 x 50 + 5 trips break room x 2 x 40 + 12 trips…...