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1.0 :Introduction
1.1 Background of study
This research on system use by the Lazada Company which connected good to activities and also customer use. This report was requested by Miss Rahiza Ranom, lecturer of Management Information Technology. It was asked for on 22 May 2015.
1.2 Objective
Objective of the report are to depict to overall of e-commerce through the following grounds:
1.1.1 to study the current system used by the Lazada Company
1.1.2 to study critical evaluation on the contribution of information system in Lazada Company
1.1.3 to identify the weakness of the Lazada Company
1.3 Scope
This report inpected on e-commerce of Lazada Company can be beneficial to the society especially in Malaysia.

2.0 : Literature Review

2.1 History of Lazada Company
Lazada Company in Malaysia is part of Lazada Group which operates business in Southeast Asia’s well-known as an online shopping and selling destination in Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (, 2015). Lazada Company is pioneering e-commerce in the region, Lazada Company had provides customers with a graceful shopping experience to access to the largest customers base in Southeast Asia (, 2015). This is their website
2.2 Definition of e-commerce
E-commerce is an Electronic Commerce. According to the (Molla and S.Linker, 2015) the definition of the e-commerce is conceptualizations covering a plethora of issues, applications, and business model and e-commerce as “doing business electronically”. In other explanation, e-commerce is also involvement business information, conserving business relations and leading business transactions of communication networks (Henderson).
In additional, based on the (O’Brien, J.A and Marakas, G.M, 2009) is defined that, e-Commerce in online process of developing,...

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