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Reflections on Education Policy

SOC 320: Public Policy: Social Services

Instructor : Exaterina Gorislavsky

Adrienne Henry

August 23,2015

My journal today will discuss the reflection on education policy. What are the current major issues reflecting to education? Some of the major issues that are taking today in our nation with education in public schools is poverty. Poverty has been a crisis for the longest and there are so many children who come from low income families. Many families only bring in 23,000 a year or less a year with this going on in the homes it has caused the drop out rate to increase. A big impact to the issues is what goes on in the home as well. Teachers have to deal with students being disrespectful towards adult authority and their peers as well. When you have negativity going on it brings bullying and violence and many students face this on a daily basis. There are

Too many students in one class up to thirty students. This is a issue because how can they learn you have too much distraction and this causes the teachers a lack of interest to teach. The Government should take fault for this because they should provide money to pay more teachers to be employed and build more schools with bigger space. Technology is a benefit to us and a distraction to many students who are focused more on social media then education. If the Government made room to have more computers and allow the children to have access to learning with educational equipment them this will benefit our young children ages(5 and up) to learn so much more and be well advanced with technology...

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