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Commission into LDO Community

The LDO community provides opportunities to intelligent and highly qualified staff to hold key positions. My service as a Navy Officer has seen me through a number of trepidations, but I appreciate it since I have earned a remarkable insight into leadership methods. Throughout, I have learnt a lot on what works and what does not. I consider this realization relevant in filling leadership and management positions. I am applying for this commission to put into practice my knowledge, instincts, technical expertise, physical, intellectual, mental and emotional capacities at an advanced level. In this way, I will be able to continue my career as a technical expert, learn new managerial and technical skills and satisfy my desire for excelling and advancing in any line of duty.

With regard to this application, my personal and professional goals are aimed at achieving this commission and become an LDO through which I will have an opportunity to work with a team of intelligent and highly qualified staff. I will also utilize the extensive technical training provided to learn new and advance my technical skills and acquire strong managerial skills that will help me become a charismatic leader. Personally, I believe that my sound physical, mental, intellectual and emotional capabilities will match well with my ability to learn new skills quickly to make me an effective leader.

In sum, I believe that the commission will be of great importance in increasing my aptitudes in management. Lastly, I believe that LDO program will contribute much towards achieving my objectives. I look forward to integrate the knowledge I have gained from observing various leadership methods to come up with a breed that will enable me grow into an brilliant leader....

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