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Ldr 531 Leadership Styles

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Leadership Styles

Denise Calaman

LDR 531

February 24, 2014

David Rollins

Leadership Styles

Very important people have become leaders over the years. These people have turned into some of the most influential individuals that have changed our society. These people have had the ability to influence the people that they come in contact with. Many leaders possess his or her leadership skills in different ways such as authoritative, democratic, coercive, pacesetting, and coaching. Effective leaders can easily adapt to the individuals or group that he or she are around and adapt to any situation they are facing. These types of leaders are also known to either enhance whatever the situation is or correct it to the best of his or her ability. Within the various styles of leadership, the most effective style is the authoritative style. Authoritative style brings about self-confidence, togetherness, and one that easily adapts to the environment that he or she is in. Also employees respect this style because he or she is given directives that should be followed and positive feedback is required. This brings me to some of our leaders today that have different leadership styles that people admire and respect them for.

Admired Leader

First Lady Michelle Obama came on the scene in 2007 at the Democratic Convention to support her husband and speak to the people. She has her deep concern for military families, helping women to balance between works and having a family, and encourages the national service (Bio, 2014).She is concerned with homeless people taking time out to help feed the poor, discussing the importance of education and volunteers that are needed. She has also taken a strong interest in the health of children and striving to fight obesity in youth. Mrs. Obama is always caring about people and wants to...

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