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Ldr531 Week 5 Paper

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Determining My Perfect Position
If my company is expanding and I was provided the opportunity to choose the position that best suits me it would be crucial to understand what type of leader I am. Doing so would allow me to determine what role I should take that I would be most successful in and would beneficial to the company. Leadership is defined in terms of behaviors, traits, influence, interaction patterns, role relationships, and occupation of an administrative position (Yuki, 2006). To best predict the type of leader I am it would be most beneficial to compare my assessment results to a transactional and transformational type of leader. Once this is done it will be easier to determine which type of leader aligns with my style of leadership.
Transformational and Transactional leader
Transformational Leader
The theories of both a transformational and transactional leadership were both influenced strongly by the ideas of James McGregor Burns, who wrote a highly popular book on political leadership (Yuki, 2006). Although Bass performed more empirical research with Burns ideas of how leaders appeal to followers (Yuki, 2006). Followers of a transformational leader have trust, loyalty, admiration, and respect for his or her leader. Motivating the followers to do more than they are expected to do (Sahaya, 2012). According to Bass, the leader transforms and motivates the follower by doing three important things: 1. Inducing them to transcend their own self-interest for the sake of the team or organization 2. Making the followers more aware of the importance of task outcomes, and 3. Activating their needs that higher valued needs (Yuki, 2006). When followers trust and respect their leaders, they will understand and share their interest allowing them to thrive and perform at higher levels (Sahaya, 2012). Leaders can derive the influence from followers to…...

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