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Leadership Action Plan

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Leadership Development Action Plan

Linda DellaPia

Table of Contents



Coaching and Feedback…………………...…………………….………4

Congruencies and Discrepancies…...........................…………...…..6

My Ideal leadership self………………..……………………………………...….6

Personal Vision………………...……..…………..……7

Personal Mission………..........………………..…....7

Leadership Development Action Plan…....................................................………..7

Inspiration for Growth as a Leader…….........…9


Throughout the years, leadership has been defined with many tried explanations. But, generally, the influence of one person supporting others to achieve a common mission has been the theme. Some recognize a leader simply as one who people follow, or one who monitors and directs others, and there are others who define leadership as unifying a group to achieve a common goal. There have been studies that mesh attributes, functional behavior, power, visions, intelligence; the list goes on, as indicators for a good leader. But one thing I found common with The Leadership Challenge and other excerpts that I have read on leadership was that the measure of how great a leader is, is the measure of the his or her followers.

Assessments My current employer, in order to assess employees and supervisors, has used performance appraisals. However, with the increased emphasis on collaboration, employee development, and customer service, the emphasis has shifted to worker feedback from the full circle of sources represented. The multiple input approach to another individuals feedback of performance is sometimes...

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