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Major Definite Purpose: Questions to Ask Yourself (3)

1. 5 most basic virtues: Love, Peace, Truth, Right Actions and Non-Violence.

I strongly believe in allowing the universe to take its course in my life. I live life through a “vision board”, where I envision all that I want out of life and strongly affirm to making it happen. I believe that it is only when you see others are divine sparks of God will you have truly realized the purpose of life. I live or at least try to inculcate in my life the 5 values listed above and all my thoughts words and actions are benchmarked on those.

2. To be successful – career wise
To be the best mother and wife I possibly can
To enjoy life to the fullest

3. Do everything to ensure that my child is well taken care of use every moment to realize God consciousness.

4. Give it to my parents. They have worked so hard for everything and I want to be able to give them some time to rest and relax and enjoy life.

5. Letting my superiors know what I really think of them. Speaking out, especially if it is not positive is something that I have a problem doing.

6. My belief in God and my family. My husband and son are my greatest joy and pride and bring me the greatest sense of accomplishment.

7. Dream of being able to rid the world of poverty. While it may seem like an over ambitious goal, it is heart wrenching to see children suffer for food that some people throw away so much of everyday. If I can guarantee this I would take that pill in a heartbeat.

Discovering your Interests by asking..What if… (4)
1. Teaching Courses – Positive thinking, Developing the Leader in you, How to Affirm Success.

2. 3 Business Ventures: A small quaint eco resort, A Deli and a Pre-School

3. Child Labor

4. The Beauty of Life

5. Barak Obama, The Queen,

6. Leadership and Management

I truly seem to be trying to save the world. While it may come off as idealistic, I truly believe that each of us do a part to try to save our children, the world will be a happier place.

Life Line Analysis (5)
1. I have been through some very difficult personal experiences and I try not to go back to them very often as they tend to stir or awaken emotions that I prefer to now not feel. It is easier for me to focus on the positive things in my life and envision these so that I move forward in life. As a believer in the phrase’ If it’s to be, it’s up to ME’, I life my life know that I hold happiness and sorrow in my hands and it is my choice to be either one. The birth of my son in 2009 changed my entire outlook on life as I realized my role and responsibilities has changed. I felt that I had somehow truly realized my purpose in life by being a mother. He is my passion and my purpose.

2. In being a mother, you realize that must have a passion for life so that your child grows up in an environment that encourages and promotes adventure and excitement for all that he is surrounded by. Learn to smell the roses and stop and look at the rainbow. These small things all add to the bigger picture.

3. Persevere. Had I given up after 2 serious miscarriages, I would not have the joy of my son had I just laid down and said that is enough pain for one lifetime. But I decided that I had a greater purpose and I will be a mother no matter what and I started seeing myself with a child and knowing that it will manifest and be realized. In life now and for the future, positive thinking is my only tool.

4. I live life believing that only goodness will follow you and if you hold dear to the values of truth and love and peace the journey to self discovery will be realized much faster and easier that if you decide to travel on a road of violence and hate. If you give love, you get love. You value peace and serenity, then you have these virtues in your life. A simple smile can go a long way in making a friend or not.

5. My underlying currents would have been negative thinking. Letting all the bad experiences of my life so far cloud any silver lining that was there. Not having faith in myself to see things through and having to actually develop positivity in my thoughts, words and actions.

6. I envision and I welcome all the greatness that the universe has in store for me. I do not limit myself and say that I cannot do this or this is beyond me but instead I say yes to life

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