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Leadership and Team Managment

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Foreign Auto Shop Part1 Alan has been the owner and manager of a small auto repair shop for seven years. The auto shop has a steady and royal clientele who appreciate the fact that they receive quick, reliable services at a fair price. Alan employee’s seven mechanics and two office workers. Gil and Hans are the two oldest mechanics and they are the easiest to supervise. When Alan assigns work to them (mostly high-precision, specialist jobs), they do it quickly and hardly ever make a mistake. Bart and Herbie are also skilled mechanics and Bart specializes in repairing motorcycles, and Herbie is whiz at troubleshooting engine problems. Three younger workers do the jobs that call for lower-level skills under Alan’s more careful guidance. Kirk has a degree in industrial arts but he could not get a job in his specialty without moving to another city and he seems to have resigned himself to auto repair work. Lamont enjoys working on sports cars and is getting to be quite an expert at operating the electronic diagnostic machines. Joanie does general mechanical work and does it well. Alan takes care of customers when they drop off their cars in the morning, then he plans the work schedule and assigns the mechanics to work on particular cars. Most of the work is done by individual mechanics but occasionally a job requires two mechanics to work together. The work of repairing cars and conducting routine maintenance on them is welldefined; there are standard procedures and standard times to perform each type of repair task. Mechanics receive feedback about the quality of their work from testing the car and from customers (who will complain if something is not fixed properly).Alan does not spend much time actually directing or supervising the repair work. He leaves the mechanics alone unless they are having a problem and need technical advice. He almost never tells someone to do...

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Business others and lead a team of people that are using these skills it also means that they can do the job easily without struggling which means they can work independantly Range of Skill they would also consider the other skills aswell for example they may look at whatyou got in your GCSE's or A levels They would look at other skills like wether you were a good leader or good at working a team these are inportant in the workplace because you need to be able to work with your peers without getting into arguments Another skill that you would need in a work place is organisation this is seen as very inportant to an employers because it good for getting work in for dead lines and not loosing work Planing Employers like it when some one is good at planning becuase it means you are organized and can get somthing done when you are good at planning you can get somthing done in an efficient Communication communication is useful in the workplace so theat you can get a message across clearly when communication doesnt work things can be heard wrong and done wrong when it is effective then people can hear what they are suposed to do so they have no excuse to do thing wrong you also need good verbal communication so you can right a report How to Plan it useful to know how to plan when you are in a work place its useful to establish goal,keep track of what you are doing and have a clear stratergy to get the job done and keep to deadline Time Managment its also good......

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