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Leadership Challenge: Outside or Inside

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I. Statement of the Problem

Susan Jones, owner of the company Satin Organic Products, and Sal Clermont, vice president of marketing of the said company, is faced with a challenge of no longer be able to handle their sales responsibilities personally. It is because their company had grown too big and is need of sales agents in the field.

II. Background of the Case

Satin Organic Products, held by Susan Jones, is the major supplier to large health food grocery chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Susan and her vice president in marketing, handles all the sales responsibilities of the company. They work directly with the buyers, and built a relationship to their customers. They are known with an outstanding reputation as people who cared about the quality of their products and their customers. But as time gone by, their company grew and Susan and Sal is faced with a challenge of no longer able to handle the sales responsibilities.

III. Objectives

1. To decide which option would best fit the company’s image in hiring employees.
2. To know the possible outcomes of hiring inside or outside sales agent.

IV. Analysis of the Internal Environment

Satin Organic Products has been in the market for 9 years which helped them build relationships with large companies like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. The owner and their vice president in marketing were very hand on which is the strength of their company because the customer feels secure in transacting with their company. But due to the lack of employees the company cannot meet the demand of their customers.

(Basis: Satin Organic Product became the major supplier of large health food grocery chain. Susan and Sal handled all sales responsibilities, working directly with their buyers.)

V. Analysis of the External Environment

Once Satin Organic Product hires the right sales agent, this can be...

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