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Leadership Diversity

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The Broadway Café
Huey Dunomes
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Information Systems for Decision Making
CIS 500

The wireless technologies that underlie m-commerce may raise privacy issues. These include the increased ability to collect individualized and personal information, the ability to track visits to wireless websites, and the ability to collect locational information about consumers (ACCC, 2009).
The café could benefit from collecting and tracking response rates of m-coupons seeing that it generates analysis information about the customer and the business. Analysis information that could be gathered would consist of cluster analysis, association detection, and statistical analysis (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009).
The first analysis that is considered helpful is cluster analysis.
A cluster analysis is a technique used to divide information set into mutually exclusive groups such that the members of each group are as close together as possible to one another and the different groups are as far apart as possible. Cluster analysis is used to segment customer information…to help identify customers with similar behavioral traits, such as clusters of best customer or one-time customers (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009).
Custer analysis would be beneficial for m-coupons since it would market to regular customer’s items that they normally buy and one-time customer specials of the day.
Second is association detection. Association detection reveals the degree to which variables are related and the nature and frequency of these relationships in the information (Baltzan & Phillips, 2009). Association detection for m-coupons would record for instance the frequencies of how often or how quickly customers respond to the advertisement and if other items are normally purchase with them. Association detection would track the habits and the patterns of the customer. Third is...

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