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Leadership Failures

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Jennifer Paredes

Leadership Failures: 5 Stumbling Blocks

Do new managers live up to the expectations of the people who hired them and to the employees that they are managing? The article I found on Business Daily stated that based on a study, that almost 40% of new chief executives fail within their first 18 months of being on the job. On top of them failing within that time frame they also fail to live up to the expectations had by the people that hired them or promoted them. What I found interesting is that the article breaks down 5 stumbling blocks most managers face and what eventually leads them to failure. Over or under confidence was defined as being a manager that was either to full of themselves or completely unsure on how to properly make decisions; which then makes them ineffective in their role. It pointed out something that I know I’ve thought a few time and that is in our own minds we all have our own ideas of what type of manager we would want to be. Now really thinking about it I don’t know if I have the skills or qualities to actually live up to the type of manager I would want to be. Their next stumbling block was something that I’ve seen often and that is approaching leadership with the wrong expectations. Managers need the tools and resources in order to successfully manage a team, and with the lack of proper training and knowledge some managers end up unsuccessful in their position. This approach defines managers as being unprepared of what they will face as leaders; which will lead them to ignore problems or not properly react to problems at work. Another stumbling block that goes hand in hand with leaders having the wrong expectation is lack of training in the right skill set. This is believed that leaders will be successful with training and knowledge of what tasks their employees are doing and supporting their roles and skills. I...

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