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| Managerial Effectiveness 571 | Assessment 2 Leadership & Management Implementation Coaching Report | | Megan Scott 16364420 | Due: 18th October 2013 |

Lecturer: Ron PettapieceTotal Word Count: 2745 |


Journal Entry One: Establishing expectations 2 Journal Entry Two: The development plans 5 Journal Entry Three: Making Progress 8 Bibliography 11

Journal Entry One: Establishing expectations
Ben Tomason and Megan Scott (me) – via skype video chat
Word Count: 848

Part two of a three part study by (McComb 2012) highlights the risk of limiting the coaching success that is associated with poor compatibility between a coach and coachee, a theory supports the earlier findings of (Boyce, Jackson, and Neal 2010). Though this could have been a concern for me as I openly put myself up as the first member of a triad I feel the risk was limited given our mutual agreement to participate as part of the course undertaking. Once I knew who my partner was I also took the time to read his (Ben Tomason’s) student home journal, review his 360 profile report and Leadership Development plan, activities which were reciprocated by Ben prior to our first scheduled coaching session. I believe this early openness to sharing and interest in the other party these actions assisted to minimise the any concerns related to compatibility and also went some way to establishing mutual trust.

A study by (Hannafey and Vitulano 2012) on ethics with relation to executive coaching highlights the importance of relationships, and when considering both the quantitative and qualitative data collected (de Haan, Culpin, and Curd 2011) discuss the value not just of behaviours exhibited by the coach but also the need to have an early focus on building a relationship or what they refer to as a “working alliance”, suggesting a relationship from which benefit can be...

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