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Leadership & Management in Nursing Shortage & Nurse Turnover

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Leadership & Management in Nursing Shortage & Nurse Turnover We are all leaders and managers at some point in our lives. There are many opinions about the differences in leadership and managerial styles of leading. There are those who use the terms interchangeably and believe they are the same, those who believe that “leaders” and “managers” are opposites, and those who are in between. Although there are fundamental differences, individuals can be successful in both roles, and organizations need both to be successful. The purpose of this paper is to define and discuss the approaches in leadership and management styles in relation to the nursing shortage and nurse turnover using theories, principles, skills, and roles of the leader versus manager, and to identify this student’s professional philosophy of nursing and personal leadership style.
Definitions of Leadership & Management Styles Leadership and management are two terms that are frequently compared. They are not the same, but they are linked. Some people have one or the other skill sets while others may have both. According to the Educational Business Articles (EBA) (n. d.), leaders focus on achieving tasks by keeping the team inspired, motivated and empowered (transformational leadership). It also involves expecting the best out of everyone for the benefit of achieving the team’s goal (EBA, n. d.). Some effective leadership characteristics are: vision, motivation, inspiration, persuasion, teamwork, building relationship, listening, coaching, and mentoring (EBA, n. d.). Managers usually focus on tasks and work, such as time, money, equipment, and other things involving accomplishing that task (EBA, n. d.). And some effective managerial characteristics are: planning, budgeting, organizing, controlling, coordinating, time management, decision making, and problem solving (EBA, n. d.). Some differences are...

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