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Leadership Research

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Leadership Research

Introduction The three studies researched were, Selart and Johansen (2011), “Ethical decision making in organizations: The role of leadership stress”, Mohr and Wolfram (2010), “Stress among managers: The importance of dynamic tasks, predictability, and social support in unpredictable times”, and Ghahroodi, Ghazali, and Ghorban (2013), “Examining ethical leadership and its impacts on the followers' behavioral outcomes”. All three articles had themes related to job stressors which impacted motivational relationships between leaders and followers. The impacted motivational relationships in turn affected the ethical behaviors of leader engagements with subordinates. The distinction between the articles hinged on whether motivational interactions suffered due to ethical dilemmas (Selart and Johansen, 2011), or dynamic work demands (Mohr and Wolfram, 2010), or pressure to be an ethical role models (Ghahroodi et al. 2013). The authors accredited their study importance to recognizing and understanding how stress affects ethical leadership actions.

Research Question Comparison Selart and Johansen (2011) considered how stressful conditions affected the behaviors of leaders and their decision making processes. The authors query was toward evaluating if stress affected leadership behaviors, did it also affect how the leader was motivating subordinates. They examined if manager stress inhibits manager ability to identify ethical dilemmas. Mohr and Wolfram (2010) were seeking to connect dynamic work stress to negative health of mangers. The authors specifically challenged whether low motivational support from supervisors negatively affected managers and caused strong irritation to their relationship. They sought to attach predictability to dynamic tasks and stress. Ghahroodi et al. (2013) questioned how the stress of maintaining ethical...

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