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Relational Leadership Style

Tamika N. Dunn

HCS 475: Leadership and Performance Development

Mrs. Shannon Deacon

February 14th, 2011

Leadership and motivation styles vary from person to person, that is why it is essential

for managers to know and understand their leadership style and how their particular leadership

affects their workplace. Leadership is influenced by many things that is why it is so important

to know how and why your leadership style is what it is. There are many contributors that come

into play when a leadership style is developed within a person. I have been taking a hard look at

my own leadership style and what I can do to improve myself to better serve both my co-workers

and subordinates. I have decided to speak on my managers leadership skills and how they fit perfectly with the staff and our line of work.
I choose to speak on how my manager leads our department and how successful she is at dealing with the things that leaders deal with, some on a normal basis and other that may happen suddenly. The leadership style that I chose for her was the Relational Leadership. I chose this leadership because this style deals with the health care industry very strongly and these skills fit her entirely. The Relational leadership acknowledges the need for more flexible systems in health care that empowers all that are within hands reach such as nursing staff, patients and their families, and the physicians. According to Klakovich, the contemporary nursing leadership skills should include the ability to create interconnections between and across caregiving settings and among multiple constituencies. I say that my manager displays this leadership style because she handles patient care first and she shows that she cares about their well-being on a constant basis. She…...