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Art Freidman- Freidman’s Appliance

1. Which University- Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio State -leadership styles does Art Freidman use?
I feel that Art Freidman uses a similar leadership style to Michigan’s employee centered style; however, I believe his main style is derived from Ohio State leadership style with a low structure and a high consideration. Under Ohio State’s leadership style a low structure can be correlated to Freidman’s decision to allow all of his team to take part in decision making and be their own bosses. The high consideration is correlated to Friedman when he allowed his employees to manage themselves and determine their own pay scale. Freidman also allowed his employees to create a work schedule that was most beneficial for them. Freidman’s logic was that if his employees were happier, there would be a greater chance that their production would increase.

2. Which specific motivation level, factor and need (from the content motivation theories) applies to Freidman’s Appliance?
I feel that the Hierarchy of Needs Theory can be correlated to Freidman’s Appliance. The Hierarchy of Needs Theory consists of five levels of needs that motivate people, which include: physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem and self-actualization. I believe that Freidman’s Appliance ensures that its employees are satisfied by meeting their self-actualization needs. I feel that Freidman’s employees are motivated by having complete control over their jobs. (83) Freidman felt his employees were not motivated, so he tried to meet their lower level needs such as their physiological and their safety needs. Freidman allowed his employees to choose their own salary; take time off when they wanted; gave them job security; and changed their working conditions. All of these changes motivated his employees to increase their performance and become more satisfied with…...