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Hu as a project manager is good at leading group members to be more careful, enthusiastic and united while conducting a due diligence. Schermerhorn et al. (2014) states that leading is the process of arousing enthusiasm and directing effort towards organizational goals. According to Laufer et al. (2015), when a manager leads a project, collaboration is crucial for the early detection of problems as well as the quick development and smooth implementation of solutions. For example, Hu make great efforts to realize collaboration.,

My leadership has been effective as I strive to mobilize ideas, and values energize the staff. I’m responsible for results whether positive or negative, other roles include decision making with patient assessments, staffing in services and in a leadership capacity (Personal communication: Hu Botao, Hangzhou Financial Group’s Project Manager, Hangzhou, April 3, 2016).

It can be seen Hu is a naturally outgoing manager and display a friendly way to solve the problem. Schermerhorn et al. (2014) states that leadership can express individual characteristics and create an environment in which employees can perform (p.339). He undertakes responsibility whether result is positive or negative, therefore he creates a harmony work environment in which group members can rid of running into dispute, but be more collectivism and achieve goal successfully. These responsible and patient traits earn the respect from subordinates and gradually develop his referent power. Reference is a power derived from interpersonal attractiveness (Schermerhorn et al. 2014). Therefore, Hu’s rich leadership experience and excellent interpersonal characteristics motivate the group members and promote the performance dramatically.

Laufer A., Jhoffman E., Srussell J. & Scottcameron W. (2015). What successful project managers do. IEEE Engineering Management Review, 43(2)...

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